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Smart R Biometric Readers
Proven to be superior to the other means of positive identification that rely upon cards, PINs, passwords, or personal information.
Biometric Technology analyses and measures certain biological characteristics of an individual to create a unique identifier which can be electronically stored and retrieved for positive identification.
Current, popular biometric technologies include Fingerprint, Vein Pattern, Hand Geometry & Iris Recognition
Other advanced personal recognition methods include Signature analysis, which recognises the flow of the pen from point to point rather than having to replicate an exact signature each time, and Voice Recognition.
FaceID Facial Recognition Reader

FaceID Facial Recognition Reader

FaceID Facial Recognition Reader
FaceID is the first embedded facial recognition system that uses a leading "Dual Sensor™” Facial Recognition Algorithm designed for access control and time attendance.
Facial recognition is a natural step forward in biometric identification. Unlike fingerprint readers, facial recognition does not require the user to touch the unit making it ideal for environments where infection control and contamination issues are important.

With its smart angled wall-mount design, FaceID provides convenience as well as higher security; the ability to unlock the door without using a card or touching a keypad can be particularly useful for many situations. The possibility of an employee using someone else's credential e.g. lending them their access control card is eliminated by the use of biometric verification.

Employees are added to the system through a simple enrollment process. For more than one unit, the enrolled data can be stored on a USB memory stick for easy distribution to additional units making multiple enrollments unnecessary *.
FaceID has both standalone and system modes selectable at installation. An internal door relay, request-to-exit (REX) button input and door contact input allow the unit to directly control a single door. A Wiegand output port with user defineable configuration allows the unit to interface directly to the Wiegand reader input of an access control system.
* - In some cases where lighting and/or surroundings are significantly different, enrollment at an additional unit may be required.
Power Requirement: 12 VDC
Processor: TI DM CPU 600MHz
Dimensions: 230mm x 105mm x 130mm
Weight: 600 g
Connection Type: Plug-in Screw Connector Blocks
User Capacity: 1000
LCD: 3.5 inch TFT colour screen 320 x 240 Resolution
Keyboard: 5 x 4 Touch-Sensitive Keyboard
Authentication Speed: Less than 1 second (1000 users) on 1:N Matching
Tamper Detection: Tamper Switch
Connectivity: Door Relay, REX Input, Door Contact Input, Wiegand Output
Operating Environment: 0°C to 40°C 20%-80% Ambient Humidity

Item Qty To Buy List Price
SR1-BIO-FR1 FaceID Facial Recognition Reader £745.00

GSD-1FP Standalone 1-Door Fingerprint System

GSD-1FP Standalone 1-Door Fingerprint System

GSD Standalone 1-Door Fingerprint System
Single-Door Biometric Access Control
This is a highly engineered 'Standalone' 1-Door access control system with a robust polycarbonate housing to deliver a fast and easy installation.. The unit is IP65 rated suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be surface or flush mounted. The stainless steel keypad features an integral backlight to ensure easy operation in low light levels.
  • Monitors and controls 1 door with up to 35 users
  • Audible feedback in operation or optional silent mode
  • Tamper Detection
  • Adjustable door unlock time
  • Interlock Capability (for connection with a second unit)
  • Programmable backlight for keypad aids operation in low light levels
  • Robust IP65 rated polycarbonate housing with stainless steel keys
  • Mounts onto standard UK / EU electrical Patress box
  • 12 VDC operation with 5A relay to control almost any locking system

Item Qty To Buy List Price
GSD-1FP 1-Door Standalone Fingerprint System £669.61

Third Millennium RX6 Biometric Fingerprint Verification Reader

Third Millennium RX6 Biometric Fingerprint Verification Reader

Third Millenium RX6 Biometric Fingerprint Verification Reader
Third Millenium's ELITE series RX6 advanced biometric fingerprint reader delivers the latest multispectral imaging technology in an uncompromisingly stylish package. The reader is ideal for surface mounting directly to most plain wall finishes.
Compatible with MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE®DESFire®EV1 or Legic® Advant card technologies. Fingerprint recognition is based on the proven LUMIDIGM® multispectral imaging technology, offering a reliable and secure means of fingerprint identification.

This powerfully secure and innovative reader has a beautifully clean aesthetic and features an RGB LED that can be applied to many applications, e.g. colour coded access levels, migration status or mood lighting. The unit is moulded using tough polycarbonate/ABS plastic and includes a shadow line backplate, a subtle feature that makes the reader appear to float on the wall.

The reader supports a wide variety of output formats allowing it to be used in most access control and related applications, e.g. time and attendance, cashless vending etc. The combination of an integral speaker, an RGB LED, three control inputs and a variety of LED/buzzer/external control options provide a flexible platform to give the right user interface configuration for your project.
Features and Benefits
  • Fingerprint stored on card
  • High gloss black finish
  • Slim profile
  • Compression sealed electronics
  • Wide range of output formats
  • Operates with Third Millenium DesFire cards
  • Card read-range up to 10cm (4 inches)
  • UK design and manufacture
  • 1 year limited warranty

Power Requirement:
Data Output: Wiegand, Clock & Data
Dimensions: 63mm x 149mm x 70mm (W x H x D)
Colour: Black
Connection Type: Screw Terminal
Construction: Moulded Polycarbonate / ABS
Ingress Protection: IP65
Operating Environment:
-20°C to 60°C
0%-100% relevant humidity non-condensing (outdoor)
0%-95% relevant humidity non-condensing (indoor)

Item Qty To Buy List Price
RX690 Mifare LEGIC biometric fingerprint verification reader £899.00
RX690 Mifare DesFire biometric fingerprint verification reader £899.00

bioCLASS Biometric Verification Readers RKLB57 and RWKLB575

bioCLASS Biometric Verification Readers RKLB57 and RWKLB575

HID bioCLASS™ Biometric Verification Models RKLB57 and RWKLB575
This product has now been discontinued by HID - see HID notice of 9th June 2017 (click here)
Using 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology, the bioCLASS™ reader provides users with new options for supporting multi-authentication of identity. Combining contactless card presentation with a fingerprint biometric, the bioCLASS can also be used with personal identification numbers (PIN).
Storing the fingerprint template only on the smart card and never transmitting the information to an external host, users benefit from the increased security, faster throughput, easier system management, lower costs for the biometric reader and reduced concerns over individual privacy.
  • Three levels of security to choose from: card and PIN; card and fingerprint; card, PIN and fingerprint
  • Fingerprint templates are stored on the iCLASS® smart card to alleviate privacy and database management concerns
  • LCD display provides feedback on user finger placement and defines custom menu keys
  • PC software-based programmer (p/n CP575A) allowing fingerprint and PIN template enrolment is available as an accessory (call for details)
  • Available in either Wiegand or Clock & Data output versions
  • Environmental: For indoor use only
  • Dimensions: 214mm x 106mm x 58mm (8.43" x 4.17" x 2.28")
  • Power requirements: 9-12 VDC @ 245 mA average, 299 mA peak (6181 only; add 25 mA current for USB expansion modules and 20 mA for all others)
bioCLASS is available in three base model versions:
6180xxT / 6188xxT Reader (read only)
The bioCLASS RKLB57 is a read-only, contactless smart card reader with a keypad and biometric sensor.
6180xxR Reader / Enroller
Allows for enrollment of fingerprint templates (and PINs) onto iCLASS smart cards.
The 6180xxR Field reader / enroller can be configured to operate in one of three modes; dual-purpose reader/enroller, single-purpose enroller-only or read-only.  It provides additional field configuration options allowing for selection of language (choose from 9 languages), administration rights (store rights on card or in reader) and template storage location (small templates fit anywhere on iCLASS® cards).  The Field Enroller comes with multilingual quick start guide and English instructional CD.
6181xxx Reader / Writer
The bioCLASS RWKLB575 is a contactless smart card reader / writer with keypad and biometric sensor that provides access control verification, in addition to host-controlled read / write to iCLASS smart cards. 

Item Qty To Buy List Price
6180xxTxxxxxx RKLB57 bioCLASS Reader (read-only) - Wiegand output £835.00
6188xxTxxxxxx RKLB57 bioCLASS Reader (read-only) - clock & data output £835.00
6180xxRxxxxxx RKLB57 bioCLASS Reader (reader / enroller) - Wiegand output £835.00
6181xxTxxxxxx RWKLB575 bioCLASS Reader (reader / writer) - Wiegand & RS232 output £835.00
6181xx4xxxxxx RWKLB575 bioCLASS Reader (reader / writer) - Wiegand & full-duplex RS485 output £835.00
6181xxUxxxxxx RWKLB575 bioCLASS Reader (reader / writer) - Wiegand & USB output £835.00
6181xxBxxxxxx RWKLB575 bioCLASS Reader (reader / writer) - Wiegand & UART output £835.00

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