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HID Global Readers
HID Global is an American manufacturer of secure identity solutions. The company is a subsidiary of Assa Abloy, a Swedish global leader in door opening solutions.

The company sells physical access control products, logical access control solutions, and secure issuance solutions that comprise cards, readers, smart card readers, networked access solutions, card printer/encoders and software. Its other business segment includes virtualization technology, cashless payment, government ID, RFID for industry and logistics and Animal ID solutions and professional services.

HID manufactures and licenses several types of technologies including 13.56 MHz iCLASS, MIFARE, and DESFire, as well as the 125 kHz Indala and HID Prox cards.
HID Global have published a "How To Order Guide" to help you find and order the exact product model that you need. Click on the link below to download it in PDF format:

HID 125KHz Proximity HTOG HID 125KHz Proximity How To Order Guide

ProxPro 125 kHz Proximity Reader with keypad

ProxPro 125 kHz Proximity Reader with keypad

ProxPro Proximity Reader with Keypad
The ProxPro proximity card reader's weatherproof design allows easy mounting indoors or out. The ProxPro Reader is ideal for applications requiring a larger read-range.
  • Ideal for medium-range applications (longer read-range than MiniProx)
  • Available with Wiegand, Serial (RS-232/RS-422) or Clock-and-Data outputs
  • Sealed for indoor or outdoor use (Enclosure rating IP55)
  • Optional glass mount kit available for mounting the reader behind glass
  • Available in grey or beige colours
  • Dimensions: 127mm x 127mm x 25.4mm
  • 10-28.5 VDC operating voltage
  • Connection via internal terminal strip
  • Keypad data and card data can be sent on the same cable, or on a separate cable using 2 of 7 or 3 x 4 matrix
Glass Mount Kit
Optional glass mount kit available for mounting the reader behind glass.

Item Qty To Buy List Price
5355xxKxx ProxPro with keypad - Wiegand Output with keypad data over the Wiegand output £472.00
5355xxSxx ProxPro with keypad - wiegand output, keypad data on 4x3 matrix output £472.00
5358xxKxx ProxPro with keypad - Clock & Data Output, Keypad data over the clock and data output £472.00
5358xxSxx ProxPro with keypad - clock and data output, keypad data on 4x3 matrix output £472.00
5352xxKxx ProxPro with keypad - RS-232/RS-422 Output £472.00
5352xxSxx ProxPro with keypad - RS232/422 output, keypad data on 4x3 matrix output £472.00
Glass Mount Kit, ProxPro & ProxPro II Proximity Readers £14.42

HID iCLASS SE RK40, RPK40 MultiCLASS and RWK400 Reader/Writer with Keypad

HID iCLASS SE RK40, RPK40 MultiCLASS and RWK400 Reader/Writer with Keypad

The iCLASS Keypad readers are compatible with any access control system using the SIA Wiegand interface. Both keypad and card data are transmitted via the Wiegand outputs. The RWK400 can also be connected to a PC or microcontroller for read/write operation using the reader serial port, which provides either an RS-232 or RS-485 interface.
The iCLASS Keypad Reader is also capable of local PIN verification at the reader, when the PIN code is programmed into the iCLASS card at the factory or in the field, using the iCLASS Card Programmer. This allows Card + PIN code to be used with panels without PIN capability, or with panels which only provide 2 of 7or 3x4 matrix keypad inputs.
Keypad Output
A variety of keypad outputs are available. Options include outputs of 4-bit, 8-bit (Dorado), 4-bit with parity, 26-bit output, 4-keys with parity and local pin verify.
  • Output: Available in both Wiegand and Clock & Data output
  • Colour: Available in black or grey
  • Termination: Available with 457mm (18") pigtail or terminal-strip
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 122mm x 28mm (3.3" x 4.8" x 1.1")
  • 5-16 VDC operating voltage (linear power supply recommended)
  • Enclosure rating: IP55

Read/Write Option
The model RWK400 is the read/write version of the read-only model RK40.
FeliCa Compatibility
The model RPK40-Tsmart is also available as a FeliCa-compatible reader for mass transit applications.

Multi-Technology Option - RPK40 Prox and iCLASS™ Keypad Reader
The RPK40 is a multi-technology card reader which can read both HID Prox and iCLASS cards and was designed for customers transitioning their current card system from HID Prox to iCLASS® credentials. With the RPK40 reader, the customer has the ability to transition to smart cards over time while incorporating the use of multiple card technologies within a single building or across multiple facilities.
iCLASS SE Versions
For use in NFC applications or where an SIO enabled credential is to be used for secure identification.

Read/Write Version Discontinued
Please note that the RWK400 version (HID p/n 6131xxxxx) has been discontinued by HID and is therefore no longer available. For further information please call us on 01440 704 387.

Item Qty To Buy List Price
921N iCLASS SE RK40 reader with Keypad £321.00
921NF iCLASS SE FIPS201 compliant RK40 reader with Keypad £321.00
921P multiCLASS SE RPK40 reader with Keypad, Standard Prox £384.70
921L multiCLASS SE RK40 reader with Keypad, Custom Prox £414.40

RKL55 and RWKL550 LCD/Keypad Readers

RKL55 and RWKL550 LCD/Keypad Readers

Using 13.56 MHz contactless smart card technology, the RKL55 iCLASS® LCD/Keypad reader and RWKL550 Reader/Writer provides users with enhanced interaction at the door.
Combining contactless card presentation with a personal identification number (PIN), these readers provide a second layer of authentication for higher security. The RKL55 and RWKL550 include an LCD screen and function keys for real-time user feedback, further expanding system versatility at the door.
The RKL55 ¹optionally features HID Advanced Device Protocol (HADP)/Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), combined with the power of iCLASS, to push user interaction and system functionality to the extreme. Ideal for wide variety of applications, including time and attendance, vending and point-of-sale, these readers display² total hours worked, cash on card balances and employee name and account balances prior to and after application transactions.
The backlit graphical LCD display offers a 60 x 18 mm viewing area, 120 x 32 resolution. It is factory preset to provide written instructions to the user. Fully customizable, the display also describes the function of the user function keys.
  • A host system is required to control the LCD display, obtain user interaction
    through function keys, poll buffered card data and control audio/visual indicators
  • Host device drives real-time clock, user information and system status
  • iCLASS Serial Protocol for read/write on iCLASS smart cards; point-to-point communication over RS232, RS485 (full-duplex), USB or UART hardware medium RWKL550)
¹ Requires ordering an HADP-enabled RKL55 reader
² Capable host system must drive functionality, RKL55 and HADP/OSDP protocol only provide the platform for application implementation
 Available in read-only (RKL55) or read-write (RWKL55) versions
  • Available with either Wiegand, Clock & Data or HADP/OSDP output
  • Dimensions: 156mm x 106mm x 37mm (6.14” x 4.17” x 1.45”)
  • 9-12 VDC operating voltage @ 160 mA average, 250 mA peak
  • Enclosure rating: Indoor Only (no manufacturers IP rating)

Item Qty To Buy List Price
6170xxxxxx RKL55 read only LCD / Keypad Reader - Wiegand Output £455.00
6178xxxxxx RKL55 read only LCD / Keypad Reader - Clock & Data Output £455.00
6171xxxxxx RWKL550 Read/Write LCD / Keypad Reader £455.00

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