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Reduce your initial investment and on-going energy costs and "go green" with Dycon EcoPower PSUs!
Save Electricity!
As a conventional (linear) 1 Amp power supply is typically between just 45% and 35% efficient you will require a mains input of 30 Watts in order to obtain a typical output of 13.6 Watts. This equates to 268 Kilowatt hours of electricity used per year. A Dycon Switch-Mode 1 Amp power supply has a much greater efficiency of more than 80%. This means that, for the same 13.6 Watts output, only 17 Watts input is needed. This equates to only 149 Kilowatt hours per year.Dycon Power Supplies
Save Money!
The annual saving equates to 119 Kilowatt Hours of electricity per power supply - very nearly the equivalent of having a 3 Kilowatt heater on continuously for a whole 40-hour week! With electricity costing businesses over 10p per kWh, in hard cash terms, you will save £12.00 per year on every existing power supply you replace.

Try out our savings calculator below. Enter the total number of amps of all your linear power supplies, their power efficiency (we have chosen 45%) and your cost per Kilowatt-hour of electricity and click on the "submit" button.

Save The Planet!
In ecological terms, this could represent a carbon footprint reduction of 62.7 Kg of CO2 emission per year. Remember; this is only for one small power supply. Think of the saving that could be made if all the power supplies in the building were Dycon switch-mode power supplies.
The CO2 emission factor for electricity is taken to be 0.527 kg / kWh.
(information source: - March 2012.)
Dycon Power Supplies
Switch Mode Power Supply Saving Calculator

Potential saving per year
Lower Running Costs
Save money through less electricity being used due to Switch-Mode technology.
Less than half the power consumption of older linear power supplies.
All models have the following protection features as standard:

AC Power Input Surge and Transient Protection
Power Supply Overheating Protection
Power Supply Over-Current Protection
Under and Over Limit AC Power Protection
Battery Reverse Connection Protection
Battery Charge Over Current Protection
Smart Battery Management
Increases the lifespan of the backup battery
PolySwitch Protection
Self-resetting fuses restore power automatically after a fault condition is removed


Helps To Reduce Carbon Footprints
Can help with meeting ecological targets.
Switch-Mode technology more efficient than linear transformer-based designs.
Easy Installation
Dycon's removeable cover design incorporates the enclosure sides into the lid allowing easy access during installation.
Efficient Size
Transformerless design allows more internal space for accessories within the product housing.
Over-engineered design allows continuous operation at full specification with no degradation of performance over time.
Cool Operation
Switch-Mode technology produces much less heat which aids long-term reliability and reduces discolouration to the surrounding decor.
12VDC Standard 5A Power Supplies
D1505 12VDC 5 Amp power supply

D1505 12VDC 5 Amp power supply

Metal-boxed High Efficiency 12 VDC 5 Amp Power Supply
  • Switch Mode power supply
  • Input Voltage: 230-240 VAC
  • Output: Nominal 13.8 VDC @ 5 Amp maximum
  • Battery Charging Circuit
  • "B" Box 265mm x 320mm x 100mm (H x W x D) Space for 3 off 7.0 Ah battery
  • Weight 3000g

Item Qty To Buy List Price
D1505-B High Efficiency 12VDC 5 Amp power supply in larger "B" box £59.50

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