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Smart R Electromagnetic Locks - "Maglocks" - the popular solution
Electromagnetic locks ("maglocks") are designed to take advantage of the physics behind electromagnetism. An electromagnetic lock comprises two main parts; an armature plate made of steel and a metal plate surrounded by a coil of wire which can be magnetized. When current is passed though the coil, the metal plate becomes magnetized and strongly attracts the armature, holding the door in a locked position.
Maglocks are protected by a layer of epoxy potting compound which ensure a long life for the lock. The lock itself is strong and rigid. All the advantages of electromagnetic locks have made them very popular, becoming the most widely installed type of electric lock used by security engineers.
The use of magnetic force makes them very suitable for emergency and fire exits. In case of an emergency, the power is removed from the electromagnetic lock which will automatically open, to allow unhindered exit, with no concerns over the door not being able to open due to mechanical failure.
Smart R Top Tip. Please remember to install an emergency break glass unit to disconnect power to the lock in order to release the door in an emergency.  Do not rely on an input to the access control system to release the lock during an evacuation as the system may have been compromised by the cause of the emergency e.g. a fire.
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