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Smart R friends spread our name worldwide!!
Smart R KoozieFriends of Smart R are busy spreading our name worldwide by ensuring they always pack  their now-internationally-recognised Smart R stubby holder ( or "Koozie" as it is known "down under") as their number-one "must have" for their journey.

Six Smart R Koozies

Take a look below and see where the Smart R name has been to so far!
If you would like to be featured on this page then make sure that you take your koozie with you on your international journeys and get those photos into us straight away -we'd love to see them!

March 2011
Smartr koozie at whistler canada
Keith Henderson of HID is at it again! Does he ever go home? Here he is with his koozie at the 2010 winter olympic site at Whistler, Canada.
February 2011
HID's intrepid traveller Keith Henderson is at it again - this time killing time by the clock tower in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
A picture paints a thousand words! 'No need to tell you that this one was outside the Hard Rock Hotel in Macau (whoops - there was no need to tell you that!!!)
Keith taking a SmartR view of the Hong Kong skyline.
January 2011
A koozie almost half way up the Burj Dubai! Many thanks to Scott Pearson of Farpointe Data for providing this one. 
December 2010

Derek in Nurembourg

Don't mention the koozie!!!
Derek of Smart R at the Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas Market) in Nurembourg, Germany. Unfortunately Derek found the Smart R koozie is too big for a glass of mulled wine.

A koozie on the Xmas tree!
How festive! 

Derek still with his koozie at night after a curry at the local Indian restaurant. OK, it might not be traditional German fare, but it was VERY cold in Nurembourg and helped fuel the trudge back to the hotel!
November 2010
Eiffel koozie
Smart R almost as big as the Eiffel Tower!
Well....maybe not quite....
Faro Airport
Faro Airport, Portugal
'Just a quick one before the flight.
Monsieur Tim
Allo allo - 'ooo eez zis ?
Eyeing-up the surf in Lagos
October 2010

Keith Henderson of HID Corporation at Fort Fincastle in Nasseau, New Providence Island, USA.

Neill of Smart R eyeing-up his next motor in the Algarve, Vale de Carros, Portugal - with his koozie of course.

Smart R bigger than the Empire State Building!!! (well...maybe not quite...).
Courtesy of Keith Henderson.

Smart R bigger than the Statue of Liberty!!! (OK - it was worth another try...). Courtesy of you know who.


Koozie at the Yankee Stadium in New York.


Fort Charlotte in Nasseau, New Providence Island, USA.

Brace yourself Rodney! Our UK friends will understand this one and be surprised that this picture was actually taken by Neill of Smart R in the Algarve and not in Peckham!
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