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Managing Secure Identity - Card Printers and Personalisation
Keeping your identity secure is more important now than ever before now that identity theft is such a threat to every individual and organisation.
Smart R Distribution employ the latest security measures to safeguard and improve your secure identity electronically via multi-factor authentication and encryption within a card or system, or physically by securely personalisation of any ID cards/tokens used to store your secure identity.
Larger organisations can justify the cost of card personalisation software and printers but smaller organisations may prefer to take advantage of our Smart R Card Bureau.
Hiti CS200e Card Printer

Hiti CS200e Card Printer

Hiti CS-200e Photo Quality ID Card Printer
The amazing card printer that can be what you want it to be - when you want it!
HiTi CS-200e
CS-200e Compact lightweight design with whisper-quiet operation
CS-200e Easy-fit upgrade options - upgrade your printer as and when your needs change
CS-200e High speed printing engine
CS-200e Single or double-sided card printing
Card software included
Cs-200e with flipper module
CS-200e with optional flipper module fitted
The Hiti CS-200e photo-quality ID card printer features compact design, photo realistic quality and modular upgradability in the field. In line with traditional Hiti technology, the CS-200e blends Hiti high definition dye sublimation thermal transfer and world-leading colour technologies, resulting in continuous tone and sophisticated photo quality on every print.
Fully functional card software included with the printer supports card template design, convenient database connection, and powerful batch printing management.
CS-200e optional accessories
Easy-fit Modular Upgrading
By providing world leading easy-fit modular accessory design, the Hiti CS-200e allows users to upgrade their own printer as and when they wish to. Options include:
• Flipper module for double-sided printing
• Magstripe encoding module
• Contact Chip encoding module
• RFID contactless encoding module
• 400-Card high-capacity card input hopper
• Ethernet connection module
CS-200e Datasheet download
(click on link to open or right-click on "save target as" to download)

HiTi CS-200e Datasheet
HiTi Datasheet and Specifications

About Hiti Digital, Inc.
Founded in 2001, Hiti Digital, Inc., is a professional provider and manufacturer in photographic digital photo products and services as well as security card printers based in dye-sublimation technology. Hiti products have attained global success within key markets including Europe, the U.S., India, Middle East and Asia. For the latest updates, please visit

Item Qty To Buy List Price
Hiti CS-200e Card Printer £1074.63
Hiti CS-200e Flipper Module £495.00
Hiti CS-200e Magstripe Encoding Module £349.00
Hiti CS-200e Contact Chip Encoding Module £349.99
Hiti CS-200e RFID Encoding Module £349.00
Hiti CS-200e High-Capacity Card Input Hopper £49.00
Hiti CS-200e Ethernet Connection Module £349.00

Hiti CS200e Printer Ribbons

Hiti CS200e Printer Ribbons

Hiti Genuine Dye-Sublimation Printer RibbonsHiti Ribbons
Hiti genuine ribbons are the perfect accompaniment for your Hiti printer - ensuring the continued high performance and superior results that you've grown to expect for your cards.
Colour YMCKO (400 Prints)
A 400-print colour ribbon for your full-colour artwork.  The ability to complete 400 prints between changing ribbons reduces time and inconvenience when compared with printers that only have a 200-print capacity.  Each ribbon comes complete with a cleaning card and a replacement cleaning roller.
Colour YMCKO Half-Panel (560 Prints)
Designed for volume applications this is a hybrid ribbon consisting of half-colour, half-monochrome print panels allows efficient cost-effective printing of cards where colour is only needed for the photo image - with the rest of the card printed in monochrome.  Each ribbon comes complete with a cleaning card and a replacement cleaning roller.
Colour and Black YMCKOK (330 Prints)
Designed for double sided print applications you can now print colour on one side and black only on the reverse.  Each ribbon comes complete with a cleaning card and a replacement cleaning roller.
Black Resin K (1000 Prints)
A monochrome 1000-print black ribbon for cost-effective printing in black.  Resin technology is used for the best dye-sublimation results.
What Do All Those Letters Mean?
All colours in the visible spectrum can be created by combining up to four colours: Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), and Black (K). For example, Yellow and Cyan combine to make green. The YMCKO ribbon technology gives your printer the capability to print millions of colour variations and nuances using combinations of these colours resulting in high-quality photo imaging on PVC or Composite ID cards.
The "O" in the ribbon name signifies a clear overlay that is applied during the final stage of printing to help protect the surface of the card and thus extend its effective life.

Item Qty To Buy List Price
CS-200e YMCKO 400-Print Full Colour Ribbon £95.00
CS-200e YMCKO 560-Print (Half Colour and Half monochrome) Half-Panel Ribbon £89.00
CS200e YMCKOK 330 Print Colour and Black Printer Ribbon £129.00
CS-200e K 1000-Print Black Ribbon £15.00

NBS - Javelin

NBS - Javelin

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