Fermax is a distinguished company headquartered in Valencia, Spain, and founded by Mr. Fernando Maestre in 1949 with the introduction of the interphone radio, Spain’s first ever radio intercom for industrial and professional use. Now, with over seven decades of industry expertise, Fermax has emerged as a trailblazing enterprise, specialising in systems and solutions for residential communication, home connectivity, security, and access control.

Throughout its rich history, Fermax has earned a reputation for excellence, driven by a passion for innovation and customer satisfaction. By consistently delivering top-notch products and services and has established itself as a preferred choice for residential communication needs.

With a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions, Fermax caters to the evolving demands of modern living. From advanced communication systems to state-of-the-art security and access control solutions, Fermax continues to redefine residential connectivity.

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Fermax Audio And Video INTERCOMS

Fermax Intercom Kits offered by Smart R Distribution cater to the diverse needs of professional installers, providing an array of options for secure and efficient communication solutions. These kits are designed to suit various residential and commercial applications, ensuring seamless interaction with visitors and controlling access to buildings or areas.

At Smart R, we stock a wide range of 1 or 2-Way Kits for Single Family Homes: These kits are tailored for single-family homes, featuring an outdoor panel equipped with a colour camera and microphone, and an indoor unit boasting a colour display, speaker, and microphone. Some kits are equipped with a door release button, allowing remote door opening for added convenience. Customers can choose between 1-line and 2-line kits, depending on the number of entrances required. The 1-line kits suit homes with a single entrance, while the 2-line kits are ideal for properties with two entrances, such as front and garage doors.

Similar to the video door entry kits, we stock a plethora of audio-only options that provide communication without the colour camera feature. They are ideal for homeowners seeking a simple intercom system without video capabilities.

For multi-home or office buildings we have Fermax Audio Kits for Buildings. These are designed for multi-apartment buildings, these kits are equipped with outdoor panels featuring colour cameras and microphones, and indoor units with colour displays, speakers, and microphones for each apartment. Some kits include a door release button, enabling residents to remotely open the door from any apartment.

Smart R Distribution’s range of Fermax Intercom Kits delivers reliable and versatile communication solutions, providing unparalleled convenience and security for residential and commercial spaces alike. Whether it’s a single-family home or a multi-apartment building, these kits are tailored to meet specific requirements and ensure seamless communication with visitors while maintaining controlled access to the property.


Access Control

We also stock a range of Fermax Access Control Kits that are tailored to regulate access to buildings or specific areas. All of the kits that we provide, typically comprise an outdoor panel with a keypad or card reader, and an indoor unit with a display and buzzer.

Certain kits also include a door strike or electric lock, and come with various options for keypads, card readers, or biometric scanners. These kits provide enhanced security measures, making them suitable for businesses, schools, and organizations requiring controlled access to their premises.

Smart R Distribution’s range of Fermax Access Control Systems deliver reliable methods of controlling and monitoring access to a controlled area or areas. You can shop our complete range, or if you would like any help in selecting the best product for your requirements, please do contact our expert team, for any assistance you need.

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Fermax intercom handsets serve as essential communication devices, facilitating seamless interaction with visitors at your door or gate.

We stock a diverse selection of Fermax intercom handsets, each boasting unique features and advantages. Some common features include hands-free operation, digital audio technology for clear sound quality, multiple calling tones, programmable buttons for added functionality, and easy wall mounting.

Among the popular Fermax intercom handsets are the VEO Telephone, boasting minimalist design and a built-in night mode for comfortable use in the dark. The iLOFT Telephone offers hands-free operation and digital audio technology, along with four programmable buttons for convenient control over security systems or other devices. For a robust option, the LOFT Telephone is a weatherproof handset made of high-impact ABS plastic, with multiple attachment points for secure wall mounting and a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.

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Fermax monitors lie at the core of their video door entry systems, serving as the eyes and ears of your premises, providing users with a clear view of, and ability to communicate with visitors. With a diverse range of options, including both wired and wireless models, Fermax ensures you find the perfect fit for your needs.

All Fermax monitors boast vibrant colour displays and built in speakers and microphone, allowing users to identify and communicate with visitors. Some options have night vision capabilities, to help in low-light settings; while other monitors offer remote locking and unlocking.

Fermax monitors are not only feature-rich but also built with a commitment to quality and reliability. With their exceptional functionality and innovative capabilities, Fermax continues to be a leading choice for secure and efficient video door entry systems.

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