HID Global is a renowned leader in the field of secure identity solutions, providing a comprehensive range of products and services that ensure robust access control and identity management. With a strong focus on security and innovation, HID Global’s offerings cater to a wide spectrum of industries and applications.

One of the core areas of expertise for HID Global is physical access control, where they offer a diverse array of products to safeguard entry points and facilities. Among their offerings are proximity cards and tags, smart cards, readers, and software. These solutions effectively control access to buildings, rooms, and restricted areas, ensuring that only authorized individuals are granted entry. HID’s proximity cards and tags utilize radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, enabling contactless access, while their smart cards employ embedded microprocessor chips for added security and multifunctionality.

In addition to physical access control, HID Global excels in logical access control solutions. Their cutting-edge software enables businesses to manage user access to computer systems and applications with ease. By enforcing robust security policies, tracking user activity, and auditing access logs, this software ensures that sensitive information remains protected from unauthorized access and potential cyber threats.

Furthermore, HID Global offers secure issuance solutions that play a pivotal role in identity management. Their range of card printers, encoders, and software empowers organizations to create and manage secure identity credentials. These credentials, which can be customized with visual identification elements like logos or employee photos, are essential for ensuring the authenticity of individuals within the organization.

HID Global’s commitment to security, reliability, and user-friendly solutions has established them as a trusted partner for numerous businesses and institutions worldwide. Their products and services enable organizations to maintain the highest levels of security, protect valuable assets and data, and streamline access management processes. Whether it’s physical access control, logical access control, or secure issuance solutions, HID Global remains at the forefront of delivering advanced and comprehensive identity management solutions to meet the diverse needs of the modern world.

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Access Control Cards And Tags

HID Global is a leading provider of access control solutions. Their range of access control cards and tags are designed to provide secure and convenient access management solutions. These cards and tags serve as electronic credentials that grant authorized individuals access to protected areas, buildings, or systems.

HID’s access control cards and tags come in a variety of form factors and technologies to meet different security requirements and installation scenarios. For example, their proximity cards use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to communicate with access control readers, while their iClass cards use a more secure encryption technology.

No matter what your needs are, HID Global has an access control card or tag that is right for you. Their cards and tags are a great way to secure your facilities and keep your people safe.

HID manufactures and licenses several technologies, including 13.56 MHz iCLASS™, MIFARE™, and DESFire™, as well as the 125 kHz Indala™ and HID Prox™ cards.


CARD Readers

HID’s journey in the access control industry began with the development of Wiegand readers, which utilised tiny embedded wires within cards for identification. As technology advanced, they transitioned to proximity technology, and later introduced their own proprietary smartcard technology, iCLASS. The latest addition to their reader family is Signo™, which offers a reduced number of more powerful readers compared to iCLASS.

Proximity readers utilise radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to read proximity cards and tags. These readers have become a popular choice for access control applications due to their user-friendly nature and cost-effectiveness.

On the other hand, smart card readers are designed to read cards embedded with microprocessors. Offering enhanced security, smart cards are a preferred option for various applications, including multi-factor authentication and cashless payments, compared to proximity cards.

HID’s diverse range of card readers comes in various form factors, including wall-mounted, desktop, and handheld readers. This versatility allows for seamless integration with different access control systems. Moreover, their readers are known for their ease of installation and configuration, making them a practical choice for organisations seeking efficient and reliable access control solutions.


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