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Intratone is a leading provider of user-friendly GSM-based door entry & access control systems, offering state-of-the-art wireless solutions that save housing professionals time and money while ensuring property security. As part of the Cogelec Group, Intratone has years of industry experience and the technological expertise needed to deliver secure, reliable, and simple property access solutions designed to make the lives of housing professionals and their residents easier.

Specialising in wireless property access technology for housing and property managers, Intratone empowers property managers with complete control and visibility over security, costs, and time management. Their product range includes intercoms, coded keypads, and noticeboards, all designed for easy installation and real-time remote management through their secure management website.

With headquarters in Belgium and offices across Europe, Intratone has been a trusted player in the industry for over twenty years. Their team of experienced engineers and technicians are dedicated to providing exceptional service to customers.

For those seeking a wireless property access solution that enhances security, reduces costs, and saves time, Intratone offers a compelling and reliable choice. From streamlined access control to efficient communication, their solutions ensure a seamless experience for both property managers and residents.

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Intratone Fobs & Transmitters

Intratone’s range of fobs and transmitters provides a secure and convenient access solution for your property, utilising RFID technology to communicate with a reader and grant entry to doors, gates, and other access points.

Available in a variety of colours and styles, Intratone MIFARE Key fobs offer flexibility to suit your specific needs. Their durability and water-resistant design ensure they can withstand various environmental conditions, providing reliable performance over time.

Using an Intratone product is simple – just tap it against the reader. The reader will then authenticate the credentials, granting access to the door or gate upon successful verification.

These access devices significantly bolster the security of your property, making unauthorised access more challenging and enabling efficient tracking of entry and exit activity.

Beyond security enhancements, Intratone fobs and transmitters offer unparalleled convenience. Gone are the days of carrying around keys or remembering codes. With a quick tap, you gain seamless access to your property.

Whether you seek heightened security or streamlined access, Intratone fobs and transmitters are an excellent choice. Their user-friendly nature, resilience, and diverse style options make them the ideal solution for modern property access needs.


Intratone Intercoms And Readers

Intratone intercoms and readers provide cutting-edge access control solutions designed to provide secure and convenient property access. With a focus on user-friendliness, these products incorporate advanced technology to ensure seamless communication and authentication.

Intratone intercoms serve as a bridge between visitors and residents, enabling clear two-way communication. They feature high-quality audio and video capabilities, allowing residents to identify visitors before granting access. These intercoms come in various styles and configurations, catering to diverse property types and user preferences.

Complementing the intercoms, Intratone readers utilise RFID technology to authenticate access cards and fobs. When users tap their card or fob against the reader, it promptly verifies their identity and grants access to authorised areas. These readers are known for their reliability and efficiency, providing quick and hassle-free entry for residents and visitors alike.

Together, Intratone intercoms and readers provide a comprehensive access control solution for your property. They are easy to use, reliable, and secure.


Digital NOtice BOards And Key Lockers

Intratone are renowned for their range of access control and property management solutions, however, this extends to digital noticeboards and key lockers, to further enhance their property management solutions. These meticulously crafted products are designed to elevate security and streamline communication, catering to the unique demands of residential and commercial properties.

Digital Noticeboards

Intratone’s digital noticeboards represent a contemporary replacement for traditional paper-based counterparts. These advanced boards are equipped with digital screens that serve as dynamic canvases for disseminating vital information, messages, and announcements. Strategically positioned in communal areas, they cater to a diverse array of settings, spanning residential complexes like apartment buildings and gated communities to bustling commercial establishments.

Key Lockers

Intratone’s key lockers offer a secure and convenient key access management solution, making them indispensable for overseeing key access for residents, tenants, and service providers. These electronic lockers provide a safeguarded repository for keys, access cards, and other petite items, rendering them exceptionally practical in multi-unit residential properties, offices, and various businesses.

Intratone’s digital noticeboards and key lockers constitute vital components of modern property management solutions. Notably, these cutting-edge products facilitate remote management, enhancing convenience. Beyond expediting communication and fortifying security, they simplify the intricate task of key management. Intratone’s commitment to innovation shines through, underscoring their dedication to meeting the evolving needs of property managers and property users alike.


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