Dycon is a leading innovator and provider of advanced technology low-voltage power supply products. They were among the first companies to embrace switched-mode technology back in 2004, recognising its advantages in providing a more reliable and efficient way of powering security, fire, CCTV, and access control systems. By adopting switched-mode technology, Dycon’s products contribute to reducing the overall carbon footprint of risk management situations while ensuring unparalleled system reliability.

Dycon Power Solutions operates its own ISO9001 factories in South Wales, strategically located close to their markets, enabling them to offer rapid delivery of power supplies without the delays often associated with long-distance shipping and storage. Their team boasts extensive experience in the global risk management systems market and has been involved in creating some of the security industry’s most iconic products and technological advancements.

Dycon Power Solutions Ltd provides Smart R Distribution with reliable cost-effective power solutions based on proprietary design & technology to improve the operation, reliability and longevity of access control and CCTV systems.

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Power Supply Units

Dycon Power Solutions are a UK manufacturer of high-quality PSU’s and batteries, tailored to meet the diverse demands of the fire and security systems sector. Whether you require reliable power or backup power for access control systems, intruder alarms, CCTV systems, fire systems, or general-purpose equipment, Dycon has you covered. Dycon’s power supplies are available in a variety of voltages and currents, and they can be either standalone units or modules that can be integrated into other systems.

Spotting the potential in switched-mode technology, also known as switched-mode power supply (SMPS), Dycon specialise in sophisticated power supply units that ensure higher efficiency and regulated power conversion. Unlike traditional linear power supplies, SMPS utilises complex circuitry to switch the power on and off at a high frequency, resulting in reduced energy waste and heat dissipation. This technology is widely used in electronic devices, such as power adapters and computer power supplies, due to its ability to provide stable, efficient, and compact power solutions. With its higher efficiency, smaller form factor, and wide input voltage range handling, switched-mode technology has become a crucial component in modern electronics, enabling more energy-efficient and high-performing devices.


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