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Founded in 1956, Comelit Group is a global manufacturer of access control, video and audio door entry, home automation, CCTV and intruder alarm solutions. As we’re a verified and trusted Gold Partner for Comelit-PAC, we are able to advise on and supply all of their products.

In November 2021, Comelit Group acquired PAC-GDX, a UK-based company that is a leading provider of IP-based access control systems. The acquisition was part of Comelit’s strategy to expand its presence in the UK security market, as PAC-GDX’s strong brand and reputation in the UK, as well as its expertise in IP-based access control, made it an attractive acquisition target. The acquisition of PAC-GDX has enabled Comelit to offer a wider range of security solutions to its customers in the UK.

As a UK-based subsidiary of Comelit Group SpA, Comelit-PAC takes pride in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge security solutions for door entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, home automation, access control, and fire-prevention systems. Catering to both businesses and residential customers, Comelit-PAC offers a comprehensive range of security systems that ensure safety and peace of mind.

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Door Entry Systems

Comelit PAC were the first in Europe to apply digital technology to video door entry systems in an era dominated by analogue systems. That move allowed large systems to be created using a much-simplified two-wire concept. This user-centric approach allows customers to quickly implement their security measures without unnecessary complexity.

Although having developed a diverse product range since those early days for other markets such as video surveillance, intruder detection, access control, fire detection and home automation, Comelit still maintains its strength as a popular manufacturer of door audio and video entry systems.

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Comelit-PAC CCTV Systems

Comelit-PAC’s advanced CCTV systems are equally suitable for businesses and homes, empowering users to monitor activities around their residential or commercial properties. The ability to record video footage serves as a deterrent to potential threats and enhances the security of your premises.

Available with analogue or digital technology (IP, HD over coax, hybrid solution), Comelit-PAC’s Video Surveillance Systems can be used to monitor large outdoor spaces or single rooms, guaranteeing a clear, detailed and well-defined picture with a resolution up to 4K. Comelit offers a full range of products, from standard to advanced solutions with intelligent Video Analysis. Their systems offer high integrity of RAID storage down to Plug & Play solutions with easy control from mobile phones or tablets and an advanced monitoring software. Video surveillance integrates with all other Comelit systems.

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Intruder Detection

Comelit offers a range of state-of-the-art intruder detection systems that are specifically designed to deliver a high level of security for residential, commercial, and industrial surveillance systems. As with all Comelit-PAC products, these systems are user-friendly and straightforward to install, ensuring that you can safeguard your property with ease.

The Secur Hub anti-intrusion system is a comprehensive security solution that combines multiple sensors to detect intruders effectively. As a wireless intruder alarm system, it seamlessly connects to the Comelit Cloud using WiFi and LAN, and for added convenience, can also use GSM modules (2G and 3G).

The Secur Hub is designed for quick installation and uses modern IoT techniques, so you don’t need to open ports on your router, even for the app. This makes it easy to manage the system and view up to four connected cameras.

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