18 April 2024

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Unveiling Smart R Distribution’s Exclusive Training and Events!

At Smart R Distribution, we’re committed to keeping you at the forefront of electronic security solutions. Our upcoming Exclusive Training and Events promise an immersive journey into the latest innovations


16 April 2024

How to Upgrade An Analogue CCTV System With Cost-Effective Hybrid Solutions

We’re often asked, how to upgrade an analogue CCTV system without needing to replace the entire setup. The good news is that there are a wide range of solutions to


25 March 2024

Act Now: Limited-Time Offer on Acre Cloud-Based Access Control Kits

We’re thrilled to announce that, both the ACT365 hardware and annual subscriptions for the Acre cloud-based access control system are available directly from Smart R Distribution. Through our strengthened partnership


19 March 2024

Introducing the New Comelit-Pac Logos Series of Handsets and Monitors

Comelit-PAC unveils a revolutionary advancement in door entry systems with the Logos series of video intercoms. Designed with a focus on robustness, effortless installation, and intuitive configuration, Comelit-Pac Logos handsets


14 March 2024

Mark Russen Joins Smart R Distribution to Spearhead Access Control and Intruder Detection Solutions

Smart R Distribution has appointed Mark Russen as Business Development Manager for its extensive range of Access Control and Intruder Detection Solutions. Mark, who has worked within the electronic security


11 March 2024

Introducing the Dahua X-Spans Series: Revolutionising Security for Wide-Open Areas

Modern security demands comprehensive solutions, and above all, a comprehensive view. Traditional camera systems, while effective, often struggle to cover expansive areas without leaving blind spots. This is where the


6 July 2023

Moving Forward With Cloud-Based Security Systems

The functionality and potential cost savings offered by hosting business systems in the Cloud are so great, that it is hard to believe that cloud-based security systems will not be


30 June 2023

Panoramic Cameras: Cost Effectively Eliminating Blind Spots

When it comes to the task of selecting the right camera format or model to monitor expansive open areas like airports, car parks, industrial estates, stadiums, large offices, public spaces,


31 May 2023

Securing Access Control and Video Surveillance Systems from Cyber Intrusions

We all know that securing access control and video surveillance systems from potential cyber intrusions is of paramount importance. They may be state sponsored or simply the efforts of criminal

Spotlight On

18 April 2023

Spotlight On: Hanwha Vision

Its recent name change from Hanwha Techwin to Hanwha Vision may have grabbed the headlines, but it’s worth taking a closer look at the South Korean manufacturer for many other

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