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FERMAX City VDS Video Entry Systems
Founded by Mr Fernando Maestre in 1949 to design and manufacture Audio/Video Door Entry products FERMAX is a family business with Headquarters and manufacturing of ALL products in Valencia, Spain.
In April 2012 Smart R Distribution was selected as a distributor of Fermax products and aims to continue the tradition of top quality product support.
With such a huge range of products we could not show them all on our website so if you have a requirement for an Audio/Video Door Entry system please contact our sales department and we would be pleased to talk you through the various options.
Fermax Video entry systems offer enormous choice of design and configurations but to simplify your choice we have decided to only feature the advanced VDS cabling infrastructure which utilises ubiquitous Cat 5 cable or traditional 5 wire multicore or 3 wire multicore+coax cabling for ultimate flexibility.
Fermax VDS Colour City Video Entry Kits

Fermax VDS Colour City Video Entry Kits

The Fermax City Video entry Kits combine quality with versatility at a cost effective price.  The kits include a stylish door panel with camera and speech module and a choice of one or two call buttons.  Supplied as standard with a flush mount backbox, a surface housing is also available if you do not want to cut into the fabric of the building.
The power supply will run the entire system including an electric locking device and can also run a second VDS monitor/handset or 2 VDS audio handsets.
Versatile VDS cable infrastructure allows the system to be installed using your choice of Cat 5, 5 wire multicore cable or 3 wire multicore and coax between the door panel and the handsets.
The VDS LOFT handset/monitor is a stylish piece of furniture as well as being solidly made and robust.  Supplied with a wall mount bracket and connector the handset hangs on a sturdy bracket which has the quality feel of a magnetic catch rather than a plastic hook used by other manufacturers.  Desk mount kits are also available for the LOFT monitor/handset as an option.
For the high tech look designers choose the slim profile iLOFT hands free monitor.

Item Qty To Buy List Price
Fermax 4961 1 Button VDS Colour City Video Entry Kit £576.00
Fermax 4955 1 Button VDS Colour City Video Entry Kit with Image Recording £1,073.00
Fermax 49627 2 button VDS Colour City Video Entry Kit with 2 Handsets £742.50

Fermax FER-5432 VDS Colour Kit with Marine Stainless Steel Vandal Resistant Door Panel

Fermax FER-5432 VDS Colour Kit with Marine Stainless Steel Vandal Resistant Door Panel

The Marine stainless steel door panel is rugged and vandal-resistant for use in more hostile environments.
The kit is supplied with a one button stainless steel video door panel with colour camera, VDS amplifier, steel flush-mount backbox, power supply unit and one Loft handset/monitor.
Larger systems are also available to order with multiple call buttons, a keypad or cut-out for proximity readers and custom engraving.  Please contact sales@smartrdistribution or call our sales team for details and costs 
Designed for the professional the panel has a 10mm bezel around the cavity with foam backing to compensate for imperfections in the brickwork and cover damage to the surrounding Masonry.

Item Qty To Buy List Price
FER-5432 Fermax VDS Colour Vandal Resistant Video Entry Kit £747.00

Fermax Luxe VDS Colour Kit with iLOFT Colour Hands Free Monitor

Fermax Luxe VDS Colour Kit with iLOFT Colour Hands Free Monitor

Where style and design are as important as cost-effectiveness and reliability the Luxe Kit is ideal.
The sleek, modern lines of the iLOFT hands free colour monitor combined with the rugged reliability of the City VDS video panel and system electronics.
The surface mount iLOFT Compact monitor has a 3.5 inch TFT colour screen.  It measures 240 mm high x 133 mm Wide and stands out 55 mm (maximum) from the wall with an optional backbox for semi recessed installation.
The iLOFT Monitor with 3.5inch TFT screen is even sleeker and flatter and is available in semi-recessed with a 45mm deep backbox to cut into the wall for less obtrusive appearance or with a surface mount backbox for easy installation.  Adjustments are made using on-screen menus.
Those with an eye for interior design may also like to opt for a choice of decorative frames (black, silver gold or Crystal) to further beautify the appearance of the monitor

Item Qty To Buy List Price
FER-4954 Fermax Luxe VDS Kit with surface mount iLOFT Hands Free Monitor £824.00
FER-4950 Fermax Luxe VDS Kit with iLOFT Hands Free Monitor £824.00



Fermax "Way" Digital Colour Video Entry System
Complete Video Entry System comprising of:
  • Robust metal surface-mount external station with 1 or 2 buttons for 1 or 2 dwellings / call points
  • Surface-mounted 7" digital touch-screen colour TFT monitor
  • Power Supply (DIN-rail style)
The system uses simple 2-wire cable for both the monitor and the external station. Up to 160 metres with 1.0mm▓ diameter (17AWG) cable.
An integral door-release button within the colour monitor releases an optional electric lock to allow the caller to enter.
A second colour TFT monitor (i.e. for same operation in a second room) can be added to the system without the need for an additional power supply (for larger systems please call our friendly team for more details on +44 (0)1440 704 387).
High Quality Fermax Video Entry at a Budget Price!
Features such as Intercom Function, Video / Picture Recording, Manual Call Record and Do-Not-Disturb Timer normally only found on high-end systems are standard on Fermax "Way" - all at a budget price!
  • Power consumption:
    • 350mA working, 12mA standby (monitor)
    • 110mA working, 33mA standby (external station)
  • Mains Power Supply Included: 24-28 VDC Output DIN-Rail Style
  • Operating temperature: -15║C to 55║C
  • Cable distance: Up to 160 Metres with 2 x 1.0 mm▓ dia cable
  • Dimensions:
    • External Station: 95mm x 155mm x 25mm (W x H x D)
    • Internal 7" Colour TFT Monitor: 225mm x 131mm x 18mm (W x H x D)

Internal Colour Monitor

External Station

  • 7" Digital Colour TFT Monitor
  • Capacitive Touch-Screen
  • 2-Wire Operation


  • High-Sensitivity Colour CCD Camera
  • Large Backlit Card Holder
  • Auto LED Illumination
  • Door Lock Output / Relay
  • Robust Metal Construction
  • Item Qty To Buy List Price
    Fermax "Way" 1-Way Video Entry System with 1 Button Panel, 1 Monitor £499.00
    Fermax "Way" 2-Way Video Entry System with 2-Button Panel, 2 Monitors £829.00
    Fermax Extension Monitor for 1-Way Video "Way" system £299.00
    Fermax Extension Monitor for 2nd flat of 2-Way Video "Way" system £299.00

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