25 March 2024

Act Now: Limited-Time Offer on Acre Cloud-Based Access Control Kits

We’re thrilled to announce that, both the ACT365 hardware and annual subscriptions for the Acre cloud-based access control system are available directly from Smart R Distribution. Through our strengthened partnership with Acre Security (formerly Vanderbilt), we can now supply both the ACT365 Hardware and Licenses, offering you convenience, local stock availability, and support.

Streamline Installation and Generate Recurring Revenue with Our READY2GO Acre AcT365 Offer

Cloud-based access control solutions are increasingly the preferred choice for end-user customers seeking to avoid the IT complexities of maintaining an on-premises server and the associated costs. Acre Act365 provides the flexibility to manage their system from anywhere, at any time, using their phone, tablet, or PC. This unique opportunity allows you to provide value-added services, often for a fee, while remotely managing their security needs.

By embracing a ‘Cloud’ approach with ACT365 cloud-based access control, you can typically reduce installation time by up to 30% compared to traditional on-premises setups. This time-saving factor includes the reduction in addressing IT issues, along with the creation of new recurring revenue streams.

For a limited time, Smart R Distribution has partnered with Acre Security to offer ACT365 Controller kits. These feature the manufacturer’s acclaimed OSDP VR50 mullion keypad reader or the VR20 (without keypad). This kit simplifies the ordering process and offers significant cost savings to you.

Choose from these enticing promotional Acre Ready2Go Cloud-Based Access Control Kits:

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