25 April 2024

Experience Advanced Security: Explore the Dahua AirShield Wireless Security System

Protecting your home or business has never been more critical in today’s world. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Dahua’s cutting-edge AirShield Wireless Security System. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, AirShield offers a comprehensive solution to keep what matters most safe and secure.

Dahua AirShield Wireless Security System - product range

AirShield Wireless Security Systems: Advanced Technology for Modern Security Needs

The Dahua AirShield Wireless Security System is a complete security ecosystem designed to meet the demands of modern security challenges. Comprising alarm hubs, a variety of wireless peripheral devices, and intuitive applications, this system ensures safety, reliability, and ease of use for end-users, installers, and Alarm Receiving Centers (ARCs). Plus, it adheres to the stringent EN50131 Grade 2 security standards, providing peace of mind and confidence in its performance.

AirShield Technologies: Powering Seamless Security

At the heart of the AirShield Wireless Security System are three cutting-edge technologies:

  • Airfly 3.0: This advanced technology provides effortless installation, stable connectivity, and user-friendly mobile app management.
  • RF-HD: Experience high-definition image transmission for superior clarity and detail.
  • Cloud Services: Leverage the power of the cloud for remote management and enhanced functionality.


AirShield takes a revolutionary approach to security system interconnection, utilising network protocols instead of physical contact signals. This innovation offers numerous benefits, including convenience, advanced functionality, unified management, and cost-effectiveness.

 Ensuring Seamless Communication with ARCs Integration

The AirShield Wireless Security System seamlessly integrates with Alarm Receiving Centers (ARCs) through a dedicated Converter. This intelligent device acts as a bridge, forwarding events received from hubs to the ARC’s platform software using standardised protocols like SIA DC-09, Sur-Gard, or the platform’s private protocol.

  • Hassle-Free Management: The Converter centralises the management of all panels and events, allowing ARC personnel to configure event forwarding methods, protocols, and event types with ease. The platform software simply receives, records, and processes these events.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: The Converter supports various industry-standard protocols while offering customisation options for private protocols used by different platforms, ensuring seamless integration with any ARC.
  • Reliable Event Delivery: Events are transmitted from hubs to the Converter through two channels – automatic registration and cloud forwarding – and then forwarded onward via two channels – TCP/IP and serial port. This redundancy guarantees reliable event delivery.

Remote Management for Ultimate Control

With complete remote management capabilities, AirShield Wireless Security System empowers users to manage their security system, receive real-time notifications, verify alarm events, conduct remote maintenance, and simplify ARC service requests – all from their mobile device or PC.

  • Remote System Management: Add or remove devices and partitions, create user accounts and manage permissions, configure system settings, monitor device status, and remotely arm or disarm the alarm system – all from the convenience of your mobile device or PC.
  • Real-time Notifications: Receive instant push notifications on your mobile app or PC whenever an event occurs, including alarms, system faults, arming/disarming activities, and user actions.
  • Remote Verification: For enhanced peace of mind, remotely verify alarm events using images or videos captured by PIR cameras or linked IP cameras.
  • Remote Maintenance: Installers can provide customers with proactive device health management services by remotely monitoring their systems.
  • Simplified ARC Service Request: The Dahua mobile app can display ARC information, allowing users and installers to easily request alarm monitoring services from ARCs that have signed up for a Converter account.

Explore The AirShield Wireless Security System Range

AirShield Alarm Hub

Dahua ARC3000H-GW2(868) Airshield 2G Alarm Hub - front face

The AirShield Hub is your central controller for the AirShield Wireless Security System, connecting wireless devices to keep you informed. It detects break-ins, fires, water leaks, and more, then sends alerts and video clips (through PIR camera or IPC) to your phone (via DMSS or DoLynk Care) and the monitoring centre, all without requiring you to constantly monitor your property.


PIR Detectors And Cameras

AirShield PIR Sensors and CamerasThese wireless motion detectors use passive infrared technology to sense human movement within their range. Ideal for detecting intruders, they trigger alerts and send snapshots to the hub upon detecting activity.

These advanced PIR cameras combine motion detection with high-definition video capture. When triggered, they capture snapshots and transmit them to the hub for instant viewing on your phone (via DMSS/DoLynk Care) or verification by the monitoring center. Utilising 2.4G RF-HD technology, these cameras ensure crisp image quality and rapid transmission. For added privacy, they only capture footage during intrusion events.


Wireless Internal And External Sirens

AirShield Wireless Sirens


These sirens deliver a powerful double whammy of deterrence. The blaring alarm attracts attention while the flashing strobe light provides a clear visual deterrent. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, AirShield sirens offer an extra layer of security for homes, businesses, and even streetscapes.



In Conclusion: AirShield – The Future of Wireless Security

Dahua’s AirShield Wireless Security System represents a revolution in home and business security. With its advanced functionalities, seamless integration capabilities, and user-friendly remote management features, AirShield empowers you to take complete control of your security and enjoy peace of mind wherever you are.

Ready to experience the future of wireless security? Explore our extensive range of Dahua AirShield products today and create a customised security solution that perfectly fits your needs!


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