19 March 2024

Introducing the New Comelit-Pac Logos Series of Handsets and Monitors

Comelit-PAC unveils a revolutionary advancement in door entry systems with the Logos series of video intercoms. Designed with a focus on robustness, effortless installation, and intuitive configuration, Comelit-Pac Logos handsets and monitors cater to various residential settings, from grand villas to bustling apartment buildings.

Comelit-PAC Logos Series

Comelit-PAC Logos Handsets and Monitors: Where Strength Meets Style

The new series of Comelit-Pac Logos Handsets and Monitors prioritise durability with a robust metal bracket crafted from 1.5mm thick galvanised steel. This ensures secure mounting on any surface, including uneven walls, for exceptional stability and long-lasting performance. Experience a time-saving installation process with the peace of mind that your Comelit-PAC Logos handsets and monitors are built to withstand everyday use.

The Magic of NFC: Streamlined Installation And Enhanced Features

Comelit-PAC takes video intercom configuration and set-up to a whole new level, with the integration of NFC technology. NFC, or Near-Field Communication, allows for seamless configuration of the new Comelit-Pac Logos Handsets and Monitors using your smartphone and the MyComelit app. Here’s how it works:

  • Download the MyComelit app and have your phone ready.
  • Navigate to the designated area on the Logos monitor.
  • Using the app, edit your desired settings for the intercom system.
  • Simply hold your smartphone near the monitor, and the configuration is complete!

This innovative approach eliminates the need for complex manual setup and even allows for configuration directly from the box – no need to even open it!

Form Meets Function: The Aesthetic Appeal of Comelit-PAC Logos Series

The Comelit-PAC Logos series isn’t just about strength; it boasts a sleek and compact design that complements any architectural style. The carefully considered dimensions offer versatility during installation and minimise the need for additional brickwork, especially when replacing older systems.

  • Comelit-Pac Logos Hands-Free Monitor – The Hands-Free Logos Monitor provides a modern and feature-rich solution for your door entry needs. With its hands-free communication, customisable features, and seamless integration with existing Simplebus 2 systems, this new monitor elevates building security and resident convenience.
  • Comelit-Pac Logos Monitor With Handset – This feature-rich monitor offers a high-resolution display for clear visitor identification, a dedicated handset for private conversations, and programmable buttons for easy access to functions like lock release and intercom calls.

Committed to Sustainability: The Eco-Friendly Design of Logos

The Comelit-PAC Logos series demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The packaging is crafted entirely from paper and cardboard, promoting easy disposal and minimising waste. Additionally, the use of water-based printing inks eliminates harmful chemicals, ensuring a sustainable product lifecycle.

Smart Features Made Simple: Leverage the Power of NFC

The power of NFC extends beyond initial configuration with Comelit-PAC Logos handsets and monitors. Here are some additional ways this technology streamlines the management of your intercom system:

  • Rapid Configuration Across Multiple Units: Once you’ve established the settings on the first monitor, you can effortlessly copy and apply them to all subsequent units, saving significant time during installation in large apartment buildings.
  • Pre-configuration for Efficiency: Configure the system remotely from your office and send the settings to your team via WhatsApp, ensuring a seamless setup process upon arrival.
  • Effortless Replacement: Replacing an existing intercom unit? With just two taps on your smartphone, you can copy the configuration from the old unit to the new one, eliminating the need for manual reprogramming.
  • Save and Restore with Ease: Store default configurations for future use, allowing for quick restoration if needed.

“The Logos video intercom stations epitomize the essence of our company vision: focus, innovation, simplicity, and style. We attentively listened to our customers’ needs and market demands to create a product that exceeds expectations. Logos offers a potent and contemporary solution suitable for anyone in pursuit of an elegant and sustainable entry system. With packaging made entirely from paper and cardboard, we simplify recycling while contributing to a greener future. The Logos series introduces a robust, stylish, and sustainable product to the homes of all our customers.”

Edoardo Barzasi, CEO of Comelit-PAC

The Comelit-PAC Logos Handsets and Monitors signifies a paradigm shift in door entry systems. With its robust build quality, effortless installation via NFC technology, and commitment to sustainability, Logos offers a future-proof solution for modern living spaces.

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