11 March 2024

Introducing the Dahua X-Spans Series: Revolutionising Security for Wide-Open Areas

Modern security demands comprehensive solutions, and above all, a comprehensive view. Traditional camera systems, while effective, often struggle to cover expansive areas without leaving blind spots. This is where the innovative Dahua X-Spans series comes in, offering a revolutionary approach to surveillance for large, open spaces.



Panoramic Vision Meets Targeted Detail: A Dual-Channel Approach

The Dahua X-Spans series breaks away from the limitations of single-function cameras, by boasting a unique dual-channel system, combining the benefits of panoramic and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) technologies into one powerful unit.

The first channel delivers a continuous, ultra-wide panoramic view. Imagine a 180-degree vista, capturing everything that unfolds within its range. This panoramic channel eliminates blind spots, ensuring you maintain a watchful eye over the entire monitored area.

The second channel operates as a PTZ camera. This allows security personnel to zoom in, tilt, and pan the camera to focus on specific areas of interest within the broader panoramic scene. Let’s say you see a suspicious movement in the distance on the panoramic view; with the PTZ camera, you can instantly zoom in for a closer look, identifying details and taking appropriate action.

Smart Tracking Integration

In the innovative Dahua X-Spans series, the panoramic channel and detail channel can be seamlessly linked to achieve intelligent tracking. When a human or vehicle triggers the Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) rule of the panoramic channel, the detail channel swiftly proceeds to track the detected object. This smart tracking feature offers two distinct modes:

  1. Linkage Tracking: Even if the object becomes partially occluded, the camera maintains its tracking capabilities, ensuring continuous surveillance and monitoring.
  2. Relay Tracking: This advanced mode combines linkage tracking with Auto Tracking 3.0 technology. Even after the object walks out of the panoramic view, the camera continues to track it continuously, providing uninterrupted monitoring.

Customisable AI Functionality

Moreover, the X-Spans series offers the flexibility of independent operation. The camera can function as two independent units, each with its own set of capabilities and AI functions. These functions can be scheduled according to specific requirements, offering tailored surveillance solutions for various scenarios:

  • The first channel can serve as a full-colour bullet or panoramic camera (depending on the model), capturing vivid images and ensuring clear visibility even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Meanwhile, the second channel operates as a PTZ camera equipped with Auto Tracking 3.0 technology. This feature enables automated tracking of moving objects, enhancing the camera’s surveillance capabilities.

Precision Field of View Control

The Dahua X-Spans series addresses the limitations of fixed-angle panoramic cameras by offering adjustable panoramic channels. Different models within the series feature varying adjustment methods to cater to diverse product positioning requirements:

Dahua SDT8C842-8P-FA-APV-0280 X-Spans 8MP Dual Panoramic and PTZ Network Camera with 42x Optical Zoom





  • SDT8C Series: With Tilt: 5°–17° electric control, the SDT8C series (4MP version & 8MP version) provides precise control over the vertical angle, allowing users to adjust the camera’s field of view to suit specific surveillance needs.



Dahua SDT4E425-4F-GB-A-PV1 4MP+4MP 25x TiOC Network Panoramic and PTZ Camera X-Spans Camera - right facing with active deterrence activated




  • SDT4E Series: Featuring manual control, the SDT4E series offers a Tilt range of 13°–23°. While manual adjustment requires user intervention, it provides a cost-effective solution for environments where constant angle adjustments are not required.





With these adjustable panoramic channels, the Dahua X-Spans series offers enhanced flexibility and versatility, ensuring optimal surveillance coverage for a wide range of applications.

Enhanced Security and Streamlined Operations

The X-Spans series offers a multitude of benefits for securing large, open spaces:

Comprehensive Surveillance: By combining a wide panoramic view with detailed PTZ zoom, X-Spans cameras empower security teams with exceptional situational awareness. You can maintain a constant overview of the entire area while simultaneously investigating specific events that require attention.

Reduced Costs and Simplified Installation: Traditional systems often necessitate multiple cameras to cover large expanses. Dahua X-Spans series cameras, with their expansive panoramic view, can potentially reduce the number of cameras needed. This translates to significant cost savings on equipment, installation poles, cabling, and network infrastructure.

Enhanced Efficiency: The dual-channel system allows security personnel to monitor large areas with minimal effort. Having a clear overview reduces the need for constant camera panning, allowing security teams to focus on specific situations that require intervention.

24/7 Monitoring: Dahua X-Spans series cameras are equipped with advanced infrared (IR) technology. This enables effective surveillance both day and night, ensuring continuous security regardless of lighting conditions.

Ideal Applications for X-Spans Cameras

The X-Spans series is perfectly suited for a variety of large, open environments where traditional cameras might struggle. Here are some prime examples:

Public Spaces: Parks, squares, plazas, and public transportation areas often present challenges for comprehensive surveillance. X-Spans cameras, with their expansive views, can effectively monitor these areas, deterring criminal activity and ensuring public safety.

Educational Institutions: Schools, universities, and college campuses require a watchful eye. X-Spans cameras can cover large open areas like playgrounds, courtyards, and parking lots, providing a comprehensive security solution.

Traffic Monitoring: Intersections, highways, and other traffic arteries benefit from the wide-area coverage of X-Spans cameras. They can be used to monitor traffic flow, identify potential incidents, and enforce traffic regulations.

Commercial and Industrial Sites: Large warehouses, storage facilities, and industrial plants all require comprehensive security. X-Spans cameras can cover vast areas with minimal camera installations, providing cost-effective and efficient security.

Dahua X-Spans Series: The Future of Security

The Dahua X-Spans series marks a significant advancement in security camera technology. By combining panoramic vision with precise PTZ control, X-Spans cameras offer a powerful solution for monitoring large, open areas. This innovative system enhances security, reduces costs, and simplifies operations, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

With the Dahua X-Spans series, security takes a panoramic leap forward, ensuring a watchful eye with the ability to focus on every detail.



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