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NBS Technologies is a leading provider of secure identity and payment solutions. Founded in 1991, the company is headquartered in Switzerland. NBS Technologies’ products include desktop thermal printing machines, high‐volume EMV card/Secure ID personalisation machines.  In doing so, NBS Technologies has for over 40 years met the expectations of users operating in a wide range of sectors, including education, financial, government, healthcare, telecommunications and transport.

NBS Technologies’ products are all designed to be secure, durable, flexible, and convenient. The company’s products use a variety of security features to protect against counterfeiting and tampering. NBS Technologies’ products are also built to last, even in harsh environments. The company’s products are flexible enough to be used with a variety of applications, and they are easy to use, making them a convenient way to control access to your facilities and make payments.

NBS Technologies is a leading provider of secure identity and smart card solutions. It combines robust and reliable hardware with market-leading software to meet the needs of users who require either an instant or a centrally based plastic card issuing system.


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Javelin Card Printers

Javelin is a brand of ID card printers and accessories owned by NBS Technologies. Javelin printers are known for their high quality, durability, and ease of use. They are used by a wide range of businesses and organisations, including government agencies, schools, and businesses.

One of the key strengths of Javelin printers lies in their high-quality output. They are designed to produce professional-grade ID cards, ensuring that your organisation’s identification and access control solutions meet the highest standards. With their robust construction, Javelin printers can withstand the demands of continuous use in various environments, making them a reliable long-term investment.

User convenience is another hallmark of Javelin printers. These printers offer intuitive interfaces and straightforward operation, allowing users to efficiently print ID cards without extensive training. This ease of use streamlines the card printing process and minimises potential disruptions to your organisation’s workflow.

Beyond their core printing capabilities, Javelin printers are compatible with a range of accessories and modules to enhance functionality. These include magnetic stripe encoders, smart card encoders, and contactless card encoders, providing additional versatility to cater to diverse application needs. Whether you require standard ID cards, access control cards, or payment cards, Javelin printers can accommodate your requirements.


Javelin Card Printer Ribbons & Consumables

Javelin card printer accessories include additional components and modules that elevate the functionality and capabilities of Javelin ID card printers. The purpose of these accessories is to offer enhanced versatility and customisation options, empowering users to tailor their card printing solutions to their specific requirements.

Alongside a comprehensive range of printer ribbons, they also offer optional accessories such as Magnetic Stripe Encoder to allow users to encode magnetic stripes onto ID cards, Smart Card Encoder to be able to add contact or contactless smart card encoding capabilities.

With the addition of the Contactless Card Encoder, this equips Javelin printers to encode data onto contactless cards like proximity cards or RFID cards, and when combined with the Contact Chip Encoder, Javelin printers can encode data onto contact chip cards.

Javelin card printer accessories present users with unmatched flexibility to extend their card printing capabilities according to specific needs. By incorporating these accessories, businesses and organisations can craft highly personalised ID cards and access control credentials, aligning with diverse security and identification requirements.


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