Acre SPC4330 Compact Kit: Streamlined Security Solution for Homes and Businesses

The Acre SPC4330 Compact Kit provides a well-equipped security solution for homes and businesses seeking a balance of features and ease of use. The combination of the SPC4320 control panel’s advanced capabilities and the SPCK520 keypad’s intuitive interface allows for effective security management and control. With its scalability, optional features, and user-friendly design, the SPC4330 Compact Kit empowers you to safeguard your property with confidence.

The Acre SPC4330 Compact Kit Includes:

  • 1x SPC4320.320-L1 Control Panel: Provides advanced functionalities for intrusion detection, access control, and system configuration.
  • 1x SPCK521.100-N Keypad: Offers a user-friendly interface for system operation, arming/disarming, and status monitoring.


  • 100 Users: Manages access for a large number of users with individual permissions.
  • 32 Zones: Accommodates a variety of security sensors and detectors.
  • 30 Outputs: Enables control of various security devices and automation features.
  • 4 Keypads: Provides convenient system control from multiple locations.
  • 4 Doors: Manages access control for up to four entry points.
  • 4 Areas: Allows for independent security settings for up to 4 defined areas.

Full Description

Gain Essential Security Features in a User-Friendly Package

The Acre SPC4330 Compact Kit provides a practical and effective security solution for residential and small commercial applications. This all-in-one kit combines the feature-rich Acre SPC4320.320-L1 control panel with a user-friendly SPCK521.100-N keypad, offering a comprehensive security system with a user-friendly interface.

Key Features of SPC4320 Control Panel:

  • Integrated Intrusion and Access Control: Manages both security breaches and access permissions within a single system.
  • Scalable Design: Expandable to accommodate up to 32 zones (8 on-board), 30 outputs (6 on-board), 4 keypads, 4 doors, and 8 verification zones for flexible security customization.
  • Multi-Connectivity Options: Features built-in Ethernet for network connection, alongside PSTN and GSM/GPRS options for reliable communication.
  • Wireless Compatibility: Supports up to 32 wireless detectors (mixed with wired zones) through additional wireless receivers (potentially sold separately) for versatile security zone expansion.
  • On-Board Ethernet Interface: Allows for convenient network integration and remote access capabilities (potentially requiring additional setup).
  • Multi-Lingual Support: Offers a user-friendly experience in various languages for enhanced accessibility.
  • EN50131 and EN50136 Compliance: Ensures adherence to European security standards for fire and intruder alarm systems.
  • Long Battery Backup (Optional): Provides extended operation during power outages with a compatible 7 Ah battery (sold separately).
  • Tamper Protection: Features a secure metal housing for enhanced system security.
  • Definable Schedules: Allows for automated system actions based on user-defined schedules.
  • Cause and Effect Engine: Enables programming of conditional responses based on system events, such as triggering lights upon alarm activation.
  • Access Control Functions: Manages user access levels and permissions for various areas within the protected property.
  • Audio and Video Verification: Provides options for integrating audio and video verification equipment for enhanced situational awareness during alarms.
  • Embedded Web Server: Offers convenient remote access to the system’s status and configuration through a web interface (potentially requiring additional setup).
  • See Full Data Sheet

Key Features of SPCK521 Keypad:

  • Simple and Intuitive Interface: Provides a user-friendly experience for system operation, arming/disarming, and status monitoring.
  • 2-Line LCD Display: Offers clear information about system status and settings.
  • Soft Keys and Multi-Dimensional Navigation: Allows for easy system navigation and control.
  • Multi-Area Support: Provides a detailed overview of system status for properties with multiple security zones.
  • Integrated Card Reader (Optional): Enables convenient access control using cards (potentially sold separately).
  • Wireless Expansion Option: Supports adding a wireless module (potentially sold separately) for enhanced wireless detector and remote control reception within the keypad’s vicinity.
  • Easy Configuration: Can be configured directly from the keypad or through the SPC Web interface.
  • Multi-Language Support: Offers user interface options in various languages.
  • Door Control: Manages access control for connected doors within the system.
  • See Full Data Sheet

Benefits of the Acre SPC4330 Compact Kit:

  • Pre-Configured Convenience: The Acre SPC4330 Compact Kit includes pre-paired components for a quick and easy setup.
  • Comprehensive Security Solution: Offers intrusion detection, access control, and user-friendly system operation.
  • Scalable Design: Allows for future expansion to accommodate growing security needs.
  • Remote Access Capabilities: Provides the potential for remote system monitoring and control through the web interface.



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Residential, Commercial

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Grade 2



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Wired, Wireless

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