Acre WRMT – SPC Remote Control

The Acre WRMT SPC Remote Control is a valuable addition to any home security system with an SPC control panel. This versatile remote offers a convenient way to set, unset, and control your alarm system, while the built-in SOS panic button provides an additional layer of security. With its long battery life, user-friendly design, and clear visual feedback, the Acre WRMT is the perfect companion for your SPC security system.

Key Features:

  • Multi-functionality: Supports common operations like Set, Unset, and Part-set for easy system control.
  • Customisable Function: Allows you to program a specific function for added convenience.
  • SOS Panic Button: Provides a discreet way to trigger an emergency response in case of an intrusion.
  • Replaceable Battery: Ensures long-lasting operation with the ability to replace the battery for continued use.
  • Visual Confirmation: LED indicators provide clear feedback on the system’s status and successful transmission of commands.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 5 years of operation with a single battery, minimising replacement frequency.
  • Compact Design: Discreet and lightweight for easy carrying and convenient storage.

Full Description

Take Control of Your Security System with the SPC Remote Control

The Acre WRMT is a user-friendly and versatile remote control designed to simplify interaction with your SPC security system. This compact and stylish solution offers convenient access to essential security functions, empowering you to manage your system with ease.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Functional Control: Supports common functions like Set (arm), Unset (disarm), and Part-set (partial arm) for tailored security activation.
  • User-Programmable Output: Allows customisation of a button function for additional control over specific security actions.
  • SOS Panic Feature: Provides a discreet way to trigger an emergency alert in case of an incident.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 5 years of operation with a replaceable Energizer® ECR2032 battery for lasting performance.
  • Informative LED Indicators: Status LED displays system state (red), confirmation from the control panel (green), and successful device deletion (orange). Button background LED illuminates red to indicate the current security system status.
  • Compact and Stylish Design: Discreet and easy to carry, the WRMT blends seamlessly with your home décor.

Benefits for Users

  • Simplified Security Management: Conveniently arm, disarm, or partially arm your security system with a touch of a button.
  • Enhanced Security Control: Customise a button function for additional control over security actions.
  • Peace of Mind with SOS Feature: Discreetly trigger an emergency alert during critical situations.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Enjoy years of reliable operation with a replaceable battery.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Intuitive design with clear LED indicators for effortless control.

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