Armature-Plate Housing for Mini-Maglocks

This Armature-Plate Housing for Mini-Maglocks offers a secure solution for mounting a mini-maglock armature plate on the door without the need for drilling all the way through. This not only simplifies installation but also enhances the appearance of the setup. The plate is affixed to the door using multiple fixings, distributing the load over a larger area for added stability.

Key Features

  • Surface mount for mini magnetic locks / maglocks
  • Used to avoid drilling through the door
  • Lifts the armature plate off the surface of the door by 9mm
  • Satin anodised aluminium finish with plastic end caps

Full Description

Elevate Your Door Installations With The the Armature-Plate Housing for Mini-Maglocks

For professional installers and security specialists seeking seamless door solutions, our Armature-Plate Housing for Mini-Maglocks offers the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Designed to enhance door installations without compromising integrity, this surface-mount solution eliminates the need for drilling, ensuring hassle-free setup and maintaining the door’s structural integrity.

Key Features:

  • Non-invasive installation: Avoid drilling through doors while preserving their integrity, making it ideal for historical buildings or tenant spaces
  • Aesthetically pleasing design: Featuring a sleek satin anodised aluminium finish with plastic end caps, this housing adds a polished look to any door installation
  • Enhanced door clearance: Stands the armature plate off the surface by 9mm, preventing potential damage and ensuring smooth operation
  • Durable construction: Crafted from high-quality aluminium, this housing ensures longevity and reliable performance, even in high-traffic environments
  • Simple installation: The surface-mount design simplifies the installation process
  • Compatible with mini-maglocks: Engineered for seamless integration with various mini-maglock models, providing versatility and flexibility for different applications

Ideal Applications:

  • Upgrading existing mini-maglock installations to improve aesthetics and functionality with our Armature-Plate Housing for Mini-Maglocks.
  • New installations where drilling through doors is undesirable or restricted, such as historical sites or tenant spaces.
  • Access control systems in office buildings, retail spaces, and other commercial environments.
  • High-security environments where door integrity is paramount, ensuring reliable access control and protection.

Product Specifications

Weight 157 g
Dimensions 93 × 16 × 45 mm





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