BGS2-Series Resettable Emergency Door Release Break Glass

Enhance emergency egress and simplify reset procedures with the reliable and convenient BGS2-Series of Resettable Emergency Door Release Break Glass. This resettable break glass unit seamlessly integrates into access control systems, featuring clear visual indication and easy reactivation for seamless operation.

This double-pole break glass unit combines a resettable feature together with a drop-down yellow flag to provide visual indication of having been activated.

Key Features:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Green (standard colour for access control)
  • Surface Mount (Note: unit can also be flush-mounted onto a single-gang wall back box if required)
  • Contacts: 2 x SPDT (Normally Open – Common – Normally Closed)
  • Reset Key Included
  • Contact Rating: 3A @ 125 VAC
  • Nominal Dimensions: 88mm x 88mm x 60mm (W x H x D)

Full Description

The BGS2-Series Resettable Emergency Door Release Break Glass: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Emergency Situations

Designed for security professionals, building owners, and facility managers, the BGS2-Series Resettable Emergency Door Release Break Glass offers a reliable and convenient solution to enhance emergency egress and simplify reset procedures. With its seamless integration into access control systems and intuitive design features, this break glass unit ensures clear visual indication and easy reactivation for seamless operation in any emergency scenario.

Key Features:

  • Double-pole resettable design: The BGS2-Series of Resettable Emergency Door Release Break Glass units enable quick reactivation after emergency use, minimising downtime and ensuring continuous safety.
  • Visual activation indicator: Featuring a dropping yellow flag, this break glass unit clearly signals activation for immediate response, enhancing emergency awareness and readiness.
  • “EMERGENCY DOOR RELEASE” legend: With clear and universally understood instructions, the break glass unit provides guidance to users in emergency situations, facilitating swift and effective action.
  • Green standard colour: Integrating seamlessly with most access control systems, the standard green colour ensures a cohesive and uniform appearance in various environments.
  • Surface or flush mount options: Offering flexible installation for diverse wall structures, the BGS2-Series accommodates different architectural requirements and preferences.
  • Wide voltage compatibility: Compatible with 125 VAC power systems, this break glass unit ensures broad usability and adaptability to different electrical setups.
  • Durable plastic construction: Constructed from high-quality materials, the BGS2-Series is built to withstand demanding environments, ensuring lasting performance and reliability.
  • Included reset key: Simplifying reactivation after emergency situations, the Resettable Emergency Door Release Break Glass unit comes with an included reset key for added convenience and ease of use.

Ideal Applications:

  • Emergency exits in commercial buildings, schools, and public facilities benefit from the BGS2-Series’ reliable performance and intuitive design, ensuring swift and efficient egress during emergencies.
  • Fire doors requiring immediate egress can rely on this break glass unit for quick activation and seamless operation, enhancing safety and compliance with fire safety regulations.
  • High-security areas where controlled access and quick emergency response are crucial can trust the BGS2-Series to provide reliable and efficient emergency release capabilities.
  • Replacing outdated or non-resettable break glass units with the BGS2-Series ensures improved functionality and performance, enhancing overall safety and security measures.

With its advanced features and versatile applications, the BGS2-Series Resettable Emergency Door Release Break Glass is a must-have solution for enhancing safety and efficiency in emergency situations. Whether in commercial buildings, educational institutions, or high-security facilities, this break glass unit delivers reliable performance and peace of mind.


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Product Specifications

Weight 185 g
Dimensions 88 × 88 mm


Connection type

Terminal connection




Flush Mount, Surface Mount




2-pole changeover (DPDT)


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