Comelit 1415 4 way Branch Unit

User Branch Unit with Integrated Line Protection
The Comelit 1415 is used to branch up to 4 internal units on the riser (with a different address for each output) and also acts as line protection, isolating the branches in the event of power surges or short circuit. This unit can be used with systems with Simplebus Top video systems, and as it is powered by the 2 wire bus it does not need any additional power supply.
Max. 100 users can be connected to each Mixer part. 4888 or part. 4888C whatever the number of 1415 units used, and max. 3 internal units can be connected in cascade for each output of p/n 1415.
Compatible with Simplebus 2 audio/video system.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 60 × 85 × 35 mm


Connection type

Terminal connection

Operating Temperature

-25°C to 50°C



Power Requirement

Bus Line





SKU COM-1415

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