Comelit 1424 Simplebus Top switcher

Digital Switching Device for Simplebus Top

The switching device 1424 can be used to create Simplebus systems of up to 120,000 users. It can also be used to create multi-kit systems up to 500 Comelit Simplebus KITS that can be integrated into a Simplebus system. The device also makes it possible to include main and secondary switchboards within a system (which can be called independently) and offers alarm signals to those particular switchboards.

It offers options to cascade the bus line distribution as an alternative to star distribution, optimising the cabling for the part of the system before the mixers 4888 and 4888C. It also has a self-powering function for the LS|LS input, which allows riser management without requiring a dedicated secondary external unit. Power supply 12Vac (part. 1200 may be used) -20Vdc. 4 DIN modules. Dimensions 60 x 85 x 35mm.

Suitable for Comelit audio and audio/video systems.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 35 × 60 × 85 mm


Operating Temperature

5°C to 40°C







SKU COM-1424

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