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PRODUCT CODE: 4888C Power Supply Mixer

The Comelit 4888C Power Supply Mixer is a powerful and versatile mixer that is ideal for a wide range of applications. Built within an 8 DIN module enclosure, it is designed to be used with the Comelit Simplebus 2 door entry system, and it can support up to 100 devices, including door entry phones, door entry monitors, and other accessories.

Key Features

  • Support for up to 100 devices
  • 4 outputs for distributing power and signal to connected devices
  • LED indicator lights for signaling short-circuits on the lines
  • Terminals for connecting line termination devices
  • Compatible with all Simplebus 2 functions and products

Full Description

The Comelit 4888C Power Supply Mixer for Simplebus2 door entry systems: Your Ultimate Solution

Looking for a robust and efficient power supply solution for your Simplebus2 system? The Comelit 4888C Power Supply Mixer, housed in an 8 DIN module box, is your answer. Powered by a 230VAC mains connection, this mixer offers dedicated output for the power supply switching device (art. 1224A).


Designed to seamlessly integrate with your Simplebus1 setup, this mixer takes the input signal and overlays the monitor power supply for the riser. It’s a versatile solution, capable of connecting up to 100 devices, including telephones and monitors, distributed over 4 outputs.

Worried about short circuits? The Comelit 4888C is equipped with LED indicators that promptly signal any line short-circuits, ensuring your system’s integrity.


Measuring 140X140X67 mm (8 DIN modules), this compact yet powerful mixer is compatible with all Simplebus2 functions and products, starting from the RI013.

Good to Know

Here’s where it gets interesting: this mixer empowers you to manage alarm signals and enables direct intercommunication between users, all without the need for an interface or porter switchboard. Plus, it supports call addressing for up to a staggering 120,000 users.

However, please note that the Comelit 4888C Power Supply Mixer is not compatible with the Simplebus TOP system in specific scenarios: when main and secondary switchboards coexist, when the intercom function without an interface is active, and when the alarm function is in use within the system.

For a dependable and efficient power supply mixer tailored for your Simplebus2 system, the Comelit 4888C is the ultimate choice.

Product Specifications

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 140 × 140 × 67 mm


Power Requirement

230 VAC

Connection type

Terminal connection







Operating Temperature

-5°C to 40°C



Manufacturer's Datasheet

1.06 MB


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