Comelit KAE0061 1-User “Extra-Mini” Audio Entry Kit


1-user audio entry system kit comprising of:

  • “Mini”-series door-entry handset p/n 2712W
  • “Extra”-series external door panel with 1 call button, stainless steel cover and white nameplate backlighting p/n ET0001 (can be surface or flush mounted using the appropriate accessories included)
  • DIN-rail power supply transformer p/n 1200 (230VAC input)


Full Description

The Comelit KAE0061 is a 2-wire audio entry system kit, tailored for use in residential or small commercial settings. This kit encompasses various components, designed to form a functional audio intercom system for secure access control. Below is a breakdown of the components incorporated in this kit:

Mini-Series Door-Entry Handset

This is a single-user audio handset intended for communication with visitors at the entry point. Users can engage with visitors and grant access through this device.

Extra-Series External Door Panel with 1 Call Button

The external door panel is typically positioned at the entry point (e.g., near a front door or gate). It features one call button that visitors can press to initiate communication with the user inside. The panel is constructed with a stainless steel cover, which is robust and resistant to varying weather conditions. The white nameplate backlighting aids users in viewing and identifying callers, especially in low-light conditions. This panel can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted using the appropriate accessories provided in the kit.

DIN-Rail Power Supply Transformer

This transformer is responsible for supplying power to the audio entry system. It operates with a 230VAC input, which is a standard voltage supply in many regions. The transformer is generally mounted on a DIN rail for easy installation.

The Comelit KAE0061 kit is a solid audio intercom system that facilitates communication between one user and visitors at the entrance, while offering access control capabilities. It is well-suited for residential properties, small offices, or similar environments where uncomplicated access control and communication are required.

Product Specifications




Flush Mount, Surface Mount

Power Requirement

230 VAC

Cable Type






Manufacturer's Technical Manual

2.43 MB


Manufacturer's Datasheet

1.07 MB


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