Comelit-PAC 8461M Quadra Simplebus 2 Video Entry Kit

Comelit 8461M 2-wire “Simplebus” video-entry system based on a “Quadra” external door panel and a “Mini” colour monitor with handset.??Installation is made simple by Comelit?s analogue 2-wire “Simplebus 2” technology that allows external and internal units to be up to 200 metres apart connected on 2-wire cable.

The Comelit 8461M kit comprises of:

  • 4893 2-Wire Quadra external entry panel
  • 6701W 4.3″ 16:9 “Mini” colour monitor with handset, white
  • 1214/2C Video filter for Simplebus colour system
  • 1216 Simplebus Kit system termination terminal
  • 1209 DIN-Rail Power supply

Full Description

Enhanced Security and Communication: Comelit-PAC 8461M Quadra Simplebus 2 Video Entry Kit

The Comelit-PAC 8461M is a versatile and user-friendly solution for secure and convenient entry management. With its clear communication features, simple installation, and complete kit of components, this 2-wire video entry system is an excellent choice for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

Clear Communication with Handset and Video Monitoring

Comprehensive Entry Management: The Comelit-PAC 8461M video entry kit provides a holistic solution for secure and convenient entry control. It incorporates a “Quadra” external door panel equipped with a high-definition camera, ensuring clear visitor identification. Additionally, the kit includes a “Mini” colour monitor featuring a handset, enabling two-way communication with visitors.

Multiple Communication Options: Users can opt for hands-free communication via the monitor or utilize the traditional handset, offering enhanced flexibility and privacy as required.

Simplified Installation with Comlit-PAC’s 2-Wire Simplebus 2 Technology

Effortless Setup: Enjoy a seamless installation process facilitated by Comelit’s innovative Simplebus 2 technology. This 2-wire system enables effortless connection between the external unit and monitor, spanning distances of up to 200 meters, all through a single cable.

Cost-Effective Solution: With its 2-wire design, this solution minimises installation time and material expenses, presenting a cost-efficient option for enhancing your home security setup.

Complete Kit for Streamlined Functionality:

Quadra External Door Panel: The sleek and robust “Quadra” panel boasts a high-definition camera, ensuring clear visitor identification regardless of lighting conditions, day or night.

Mini Colour Monitor with Handset: Experience crisp visuals on the 4.3″ widescreen display and communicate effectively through the integrated microphone and speaker. Alternatively, utilise the handset for discreet conversations.

Additional Components: The kit comprises all essential accessories for installation, including the video filter, system termination terminal, and power supply unit.


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Product Specifications



Cable Type

2-Wire, 2-Wire Twisted Pair, UTP CAT5

Door Release Output

12V AC or DC


Surface Mount

Output Relays


Power Requirement


Protection Rating

IK08, IP54

Operating Temperature

-25°C to 55°C


Aluminium Alloy, Polycarbonate

Monitor Size

16:9 Format, 4" x 3"



Manufacturer's Datasheet

1.26 MB


8461M Technical Manual

946.33 KB


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