Comelit RF12PIR Volumetric PIR Sensor For SecurHub System (Wireless)


The Comelit RF12PIR is a wireless motion sensor that uses infrared technology to detect movement. It can be disabled when the alarm system is unset, thanks to Comelit’s two-way protocol. The RF12PIR is fully configurable via the control panel, including the number of pulses sent, LED behavior, and sleep time. It also has jumper links for configuring the main parameters.

  • Wireless infrared motion sensor
  • Detection range of 12 meters
  • Pet immune
  • Fully configurable from the alarm control panel
  • Sleep mode
  • Two-way protocol allows for disabling detections when the alarm system is unset


Full Description

The Comelit RF12PIR Volumetric PIR Sensor is your trusted partner for ensuring comprehensive intruder detection within Comelit SecurHUB alarm systems. Crafted with precision, this wireless infrared motion sensor boasts an impressive 12-metre detection range, delivering exceptional coverage to safeguard your property effectively.

What sets the RF12PIR apart is its pet immunity feature, that distinguishes between genuine threats and the movements of small animals. This ensures that your security system remains highly reliable and minimises false alarms.

Renowned for its simplicity of setup and configuration, the RF12PIR offers full flexibility from the alarm control panel. You have the power to tailor its response to different types of alarms, allowing for a customised and efficient security setup. Moreover, it includes a power-saving sleep mode, extending battery life and reducing maintenance.

A standout feature of the Comelit RF12PIR volumetric PIR sensor is its unique ability to disable detections when the alarm system is unset. Thanks to Comelit’s advanced two-way protocol, this sensor maintains constant communication with the control panel, offering not only security but also control at your fingertips.

Versatility and dependability define the Secur HUB PIR Sensor, making it the ideal choice for various applications. Whether it’s your home, business, or industrial facility, you can trust this sensor to provide top-tier intruder detection.

With its exceptional features and compatibility with Comelit Secur HUB intruder alarm systems, it’s the professional installer’s choice for ensuring comprehensive security coverage.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 55 × 63 × 118 mm



868 MHz


Green LED, Red LED





Operating Temperature

-10°C to 50°C

Power Requirement

CR123 Battery

Connection type




Manufacturer's Datasheet

960.45 KB


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