Comelit SK9091 Encoder And Simple Key Advanced Software

PRODUCT CODE: Comelit SK9091 Encoder

The SK9091 Encoder enables the encoding of Comelit proximity badges and radio transmitters. The SK9091 connects to the PC via a USB port and is managed by the Comelit software included on CD. Event management is also possible with the SK9091.

Note: The SK9091 is necessary for programming Simple Key advanced systems.

Full Description

The Comelit SK9091 Encoder is a specialised device designed for the encoding of Comelit Proximity Badges and radio transmitters. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the programming and configuration of access control systems developed by Comelit.

Key features and functions of the SK9091 encoder include:

Simple Encoding Of Proximity Badges & RADIO TRANSMITTERS

The SK9091 encoder is capable of encoding Comelit proximity badges. These badges are often used in access control systems to grant or restrict access to specific areas. In addition to proximity badges, the SK9091 encoder can also encode Comelit radio transmitters. Radio transmitters are commonly employed in various security and access control applications.

Seamless USB Connectivity

The encoder connects to a computer (PC) through a USB port. This connection allows for seamless communication between the encoder and the computer.

Comelit Software Integration

The encoder is managed and configured using Comelit software, which is typically provided on a CD included with the SK9091. This software provides the necessary interface to programme proximity badges and radio transmitters.

Event Management Made Easy

The SK9091 supports event management, which means it can be used to monitor and manage access control events. This capability is valuable for tracking and recording access-related activities.


The SK9091 encoder is particularly essential for programming Simple Key advanced systems. It ensures that the access control system functions correctly and according to the specified configurations and forms a crucial component for configuring and managing Comelit access control systems. It simplifies the process of encoding proximity badges and radio transmitters, making it an integral tool for security and access control installations.

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