HiTi Magstripe Encoding Module for CS-2 Series ID Card Printers

The HiTi Magstripe Encoding Module for CS-2 Series Card Printers is an add-on module that allows HiTi CS-200e and CS-220e card printers to encode magnetic stripes. This makes it possible to produce ID cards, access control cards, and other cards that can be used with magnetic stripe readers.

The HiTi Magstripe Encoding Module is compatible with HiCo and LoCo magnetic stripes, and it can encode a variety of data formats, including:

  • Track 1: Alphanumeric, numeric, and special characters
  • Track 2: Alphanumeric, numeric, and special characters
  • Track 3: Alphanumeric, numeric, and special characters, as well as ISO/IEC 7811-5 standards

Full Description

Enhance Your CS200e & CS220e ID Card Printers with Magnetic Stripe Encoding Capabilities

The HiTi Magstripe Encoding Module for CS-2 Series of ID card printers is a powerful addition to the CS200e and CS220e identity card printers by HiTi, and has been designed to elevate your ID card printing capabilities. With this optional module, you can effortlessly encode magnetic stripes on various cards, including ID cards and access control cards, enhancing their functionality and versatility.

This module offers a flexible solution, accommodating both high-coercivity (HiCo) and low-coercivity (LoCo) magnetic stripes. This adaptability empowers you to choose the encoding method that aligns with your specific card requirements.

The HiTi Magstripe Encoding Module for CS-2 series printers comes with printer software, which simplifies the encoding and management of magnetic stripe data, ensuring that your magnetic stripes will be accurately encoded and precisely placed on each card.

Create Secure and Versatile ID Cards with the HiTi Magstripe Encoding Module

By seamlessly integrating the Magstripe Encoding Module with your CS-2 series card printer, you can craft cards that store essential data, such as cardholder information and access permissions. These magnetic stripes enable compatibility with magnetic stripe readers and systems, making your cards suitable for a range of applications.

Whether you’re establishing card-based payment systems, access control solutions, or loyalty programs, this module meets industry standards and is compatible with various card readers and systems. It’s a dependable and efficient solution, ensuring your cards meet the demands of modern security and access control applications.

With the HiTi Magstripe Encoding Module, you can expand the functionality of your CS200e and CS220e ID card printers and unlock a world of possibilities for secure and versatile card applications.

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