Intratone 06-0130 “Intrabox Data Mini” GSM Keypad with Integral RF Fob Receiver

The Intratone 06-0130 “Intrabox Mini” is a Keypad system with a capacity of up to 80 keypad codes and 10,000 remote keyfobs.  Output is through two relays for operation of the door lock.

The system comprises of two units: a surface-mount keypad (Intratone p/n 04-0107)  and a GSM/GPRS/RF module (Intratone p/n 06-0129) that handles both the GSM connectivity and the remote interface for keyfobs.

System programming is carried out through Intratone’s web-based portal.  Once changes / additions have been made & saved, the portal will automatically upload the updates to the system.  An integrated SIM card in the GSM/GPRS/RF module features 10 years of unlimited data (included within the cost of the system) allowing remote management from anywhere in the World via the World Wide Web.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 137 × 85 × 16 mm


Number of Users


Output Relays


Protection Rating


Power Requirement

12-24 VDC/VAC, 1A

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 70°C


Surface Mount

SKU INT-06-0130


Manufacturer's Datasheet

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Intratone Web Portal - How Does It work?

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