Intratone-02-0201 Direct Dial Intercom Kit With Video – 1000 Users

The Intratone DD-01 Direct Dial Intercom Kit With Video is a state-of-the-art access control solution that is ideal for residential and commercial properties with up to 1000 users. It features a vandal-resistant outdoor video intercom panel and a user-friendly indoor monitor, providing residents and property managers with a convenient and secure way to manage access to their properties.

Key Features

  • Direct dial intercom: Each resident has their own unique number, which can be dialed from the indoor monitor to unlock the door for visitors.
  • Video intercom: The outdoor intercom panel features a high-resolution camera, allowing residents to see and speak to visitors before they open the door.
  • Wireless technology: The DD-01 intercom kit is wireless, making it easy to install and maintain.
  • Mobile app: Residents can use the Intratone mobile app to answer the door from anywhere in the world, even when they are not home.
  • Remote management system: Property managers can use the Intratone remote management system to manage user access, receive alerts, and view system logs.

This Intratone kit comprises of:

  • Intratone DD-01 door panel (02-0200)
  • Panel-mount square access control reader (04-0106)
  • Central management unit (03-0101) for 2 doors

Requires 12Vdc 5A PSU & transmission unit & export data per user. Surface-mount box available.

Full Description

The intratone-02-0201 Direct Dial Intercom Kit with video, is a game-changer for property managers and tenants alike, combining cutting-edge smart access technology with robustness and ease of use. This innovative intercom system provides a lifetime of added value, ensuring safety, security, and convenience for everyone involved.

Durability & Ease Of Use

Designed to be vandal-resistant and user-friendly, the DD-01 panel simplifies the lives of property managers and tenants. It offers a cost-effective solution for housing associations and property managers looking to enhance property access for their residents. With plug-and-play technology, no need for software, and straightforward setup and maintenance, it’s a stress-free choice.

DDA Compliant

The DD-01 panel can be either surface-mounted or flush-fit, offering a dialling option for each occupant. It’s DDA-compliant with high-contrast buttons for the visually impaired, ensuring accessibility for all. This wireless system allows residents to use their mobile phones to answer the door, catering to those with mobility challenges.

Expandability: A Central Pillar

Pairing the DD-01 with our one-door relay card expands its capabilities, enabling management of up to 10,000 key fobs or transmitters. Furthermore, when integrated with our remote management system, property managers gain real-time insights into their properties. Automatic alerts for copied key fob usage and the ability to modify or delete tenant details empower property professionals to enhance security while saving time and money.

The DD-01 panel eliminates the need for mechanical keys and extensive wiring. With minimal maintenance requirements, it’s a hassle-free solution for property managers. Rest easy, knowing that your properties are in safe hands with the intratone-02-0201 Direct Dial Intercom Kit with video.


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Product Specifications




Stainless Steel

Output Relays


Power Requirement

12-24 VDC, 2A

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 70°C

Protection Rating


Access Control System Type

Remote Managed GSM

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User Guide

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