Javelin 61201510 – Clear Re-Transfer Film for J1000i Printer (500 Prints)

The Javelin 61201510 Clear Re-Transfer Film Ribbon is essential for printing cards with Javelin reverse-transfer printers. Each ribbon provides enough film for 500 single-sided prints or 250 dual-sided cards.

This film uses re-transfer printing technology, where the ribbon first prints on a thin film that is then thermally bonded to the card. Re-transfer printing offers several benefits, including high-quality prints with images that extend over the edge of the card, eliminating the white border typically left by direct-to-card thermal printers. These printers can print on various cards, including non-PVC cards and smart cards. The film enables easy printing even on uneven surfaces or cards with features such as Mifare or other contactless technology.

This Javelin 61201510 ribbon is exclusively for use with the Javelin J1000i printer.

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