Safetrust SA300 Sabre Inline Bluetooth Reader

The SABRE INLINE makes it easy to upgrade any existing access control system with mobile access, without giving up support for your physical access cards and readers. When connected between a card reader and a physical access control panel, the SABRE INLINE enables mobile devices to be used as a replacement or in-conjunction with existing card technologies.

How does it work?
The SABRE INLINE is installed between the existing door reader and the physical access control system – so the reader continues to function in exactly the same way as before.  However the SABRE ONLINE has a Bluetooth interface enabling it to read virtual credentials installed on nearby mobile phones.  Once the virtual credential has been read by the SABRE ONLINE it compiles the credential data into the format that the  access control system requires and then sends it to the door interface / controller just as if the data had originated from the card reader.  Once the access control system has authorised the access request it will acknowledge it as usual by asserting the reader to beep and/or flash – the SABRE ONLINE allows these outputs to pass through directly to the reader – simple!

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Product Specifications



Output Protocol

OSDP, OSDP v2 Secure Channel, RS-485, TTL 5V, Wiegand


2.4 GHz – 2.48 GHz

Power Requirement

12 VDC

SKU 8825-000


Manufacturer's Datasheet

2.23 MB


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