SR1-REX-ST86 Stainless Steel, Touch-Sensitive Push-Button

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SR1-REX-ST86 Touch-Sensitive Push-Button with Dual-Colour LED
??A high-specification touch-sensitive Request-To-Exit switch featuring?an integral?adjustable exit delay timer.? Four bright LEDs are used to illuminate each of the two LED colours (green and red).? For more traditional operation the switch also provides tactile operation for users who like the physical operation of a push-switch.
  • “Touch To Exit Press To Exit” legend
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • Programmable LED Operation (see table below)
  • Contact Output: Normally Open – Common – Normally Closed rated at 3A @ 24VDC
  • Nominal Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm (fits standard single-gang UK backbox)
  • Operating Power: 12 to 24 VDC @ 60-100mA
Switch-contact output is via a?timer relay circuit which is settable for a latch duration of?between 0.5 – 20 seconds.
The LED function indicates the lock / unlock status of the switch and can be configured via on-board jumper links for the following operation modes:
Links Fitted Normal State Button Pressed
None Green Red
3 Red Green
4 Green Off
5 Off Green
3 and 4 Red Off
3 and 5 Off Red
The LEDs can also be configured to flash if desired (approximately once per second).


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