SR627-ACT-4 Power Supply For Up To 4 x ACTpro 1500

The SR627-ACT-4 Power Supply For Up To 4 x ACTpro 1500 offers a feature-rich solution for powering and managing access control systems. Its combination of high-capacity output, intelligent battery management, flexible power distribution, and comprehensive protection features ensures reliable operation and simplifies system maintenance.

Key Features:

  • 9A Maximum Output: Power Supply For Up To 4 x ACTpro 1500
  • Smart Battery Management:
    • 1A Constant Current Battery Charging: Ensures efficient and safe battery charging.
    • Battery Health Monitoring: Monitors battery health through impedance testing and presence detection.
    • Deep Discharge Protection: Prevents battery damage by automatically disconnecting in case of low voltage.
    • Fully Protected Charging Circuit: Offers comprehensive safeguards for reliable battery operation.

Flexible Power Distribution:

    • 9 Switched 1A Outputs: Power individual devices with individual control via jumper links.
    • Group Switching: Create and switch between two separate power groups and an always-on group for customized power management.
    • Parallel Output Connection: Increase current capacity by connecting outputs in parallel for demanding applications.

Comprehensive Protection:

    • Over-voltage Shutdown: Protects the system from voltage spikes.
    • Individual Fault Outputs: Provides clear indication of PSU, battery, and AC power faults for easy troubleshooting.
    • PTC Resettable Fuses: Offer automatic recovery from overcurrent situations.

Enhanced Monitoring and Control:

    • 16-LED Status Display: Provides real-time visual feedback on system operation.
    • Master/Slave Ganging: Combine two PSUs to operate as a single unit for increased capacity.
    • External LED Indicator: Connect an external LED for remote status monitoring (optional).
    • PSU Operation and Status Monitoring: Enables centralized monitoring of the power supply’s health and performance.

Full Description

Power Your Access Control System Efficiently: Power Supply For Up To 4 x ACTpro 1500

The SR627-ACT-4 power supply is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for access control systems. It combines reliable power delivery with intelligent battery management and system monitoring technology developed by Smart R Distribution.


There are three 6-way, pluggable 45° terminal blocks for connecting the PSU. The outputs are short-circuit protected with 1.1A Positive Temperature Characteristic (PTC) non-replaceable fuses. The outputs can either be switched on and off using external control inputs or selected to be on continuously.

There are three options to reset a fuse after the fault has been rectified:

  1. All power removed from the PSU including the battery, then reinstated.
  2. The faulty circuit removed and reinstated.
  3. The faulty output switched off using the switching control inputs for a minimum of 10 seconds and then switched on

Any output with a fuse fault will be indicated by the red Fuse Fault (FF) indicator and the associated output green OK LED will be extinguished. The outputs are transient protected by a snubbing capacitor and Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) diodes. This protection allows the PSU to be used with highly inductive door strikes and magnetic door closers. The outputs can be connected in parallel to provide more current per circuit.

On-Board Indications and Fault outputs

Output Indicators

Nine green LEDs positioned next to the output terminal blocks indicate the availability of the relevant output. The LEDs will be off either if they are switched off or the fuse has blown.

Fuse Fault Indicator

The Fuse Fault (FF) red LED will light to indicate if any fuse has blown. If a fuse has blown on an output, and that output has been switched off, the FF LED will then switch off. It should be noted that a blown fuse can only be detected if the relevant output is switched on.

Switched Output Activity Indicators

Two green LEDs marked 1 and 2 next to the switch control inputs, indicate the status of SW1 and SW1 switched groups respectively. This is useful information for the installer to determine how the outputs are jumper link programmed.

AC OK Indicator and AC Fault Relay

When the green LED is on, it indicates the incoming AC mains is present. The associated fault relay will be energised when the green LED is on indicating the AC mains is OK and will be de-energised if AC mains is missing.

Battery OK Indicator and AC Fault Relay

When the green LED is on, it indicates that the battery is in a normal condition. When off, it indicates any of the following battery faults:

  1. Battery connection fault
  2. Low battery voltage fault
  3. High battery impedance fault

The associated fault relay will be energised when the green LED is on indicating the battery power is OK and will be de-energised if a battery fault is present.

PSU OK Indicator and AC Fault Relay

When the green LED is on, it indicates that the PSU is in a normal state. When off, it indicates any of the following PSU faults:

  1. Internal switch mode PSU fault
  2. Over-temperature fault
  3. Low-voltage power rail fault
  4. Over-voltage fault

DATA Indicator

When this yellow LED is flashing, it will indicate that the data path between Slave and Master PSUs is operating.

OK Output

A 2-way polarised connector is provided for a box-front LED indication. The LED will be lit steadily when the system is normal and will flash if any fault is detected.

Battery Charging Output

The battery charging circuit provides a 1A constant current output designed to charge a battery of 24Ah or smaller to 80% of its charge capacity within 24 hours. The output is short circuit, overload, and reverse polarity protected.

Master/Slave Operation

Two PSUs can be connected in a master-slave configuration, where the master will signal any faults in both PSUs. The master will also control all the PSU output switching.

Connecting the PSUs together is simple. An optional 5-way cable is connected from the MASTER plug to the second PSU, to the SLAVE plug. The PSU with the cable plugged into the MASTER plug assumes control of the two PSUs.

Each power supply unit (PSU) has:

  • 1 x Dry Contact (SPDT) monitor output for Battery Low Voltage: This indicates when the battery voltage drops below approximately 10.7 VDC and switches.
  • 1 x Dry Contact (SPDT) monitor output for Mains Failure: This indicates when the AC mains input has failed (the PSU can still operate if backup batteries are installed).
  • A lid tamper switch.
  • An optional base tamper switch.

Monitor Outputs Explained:

  • Mains Failure output: This indicates when the AC mains input has failed.
  • Battery Low Voltage output: This indicates when the battery voltage falls below approximately 10.7 VDC. If the voltage drops further to around 9.8 VDC, the VA627 will shut down to prevent battery damage from deep discharge.

Battery Capacity and Charging:

Each PSU can provide approximately 1.0A for battery charging and has ample space within a fully loaded cabinet for 2 x 7.0Ah sealed lead-acid batteries.

Status Monitoring and System Integration:

The status monitoring outputs are designed for connection to system inputs. This allows for:

  • Visual display using the LED on the lid.
  • Signalling to the system operator via access control software.

Paxton Version – Enhanced Features:

The Paxton version of the SR-627-4 and SR-627-8 offers a chassis with space to mount 9 Net2 control boards. It also includes cable management features for a neat installation, eliminating the need for messy cable ties which can hinder maintenance and system modifications.

Power Supply and Output Options:

  • SR-627-4:
    • 1 x 12 VDC 10A British-made switch-mode PSU.
    • 9 individually fused power outputs for 4 controllers (and readers etc.) with 4 locks or for 9 controllers without locks. This is ideal for applications like turnstiles, gates, or situations where locks are powered separately.
  • SR-627-8:
    • 2 x 12 VDC 10A PSUs, providing a total of 18 individually fused outputs.
    • Designed to independently power controllers, readers, and locking hardware for 9 doors.

Benefits of Centralised Power Supply:

  • Eliminates the need for a fused spur at each door.
  • Reduces costs compared to using PoE controllers and a PoE switch with UPS.

Fire Alarm Integration:

The SR-627 range offers the benefit of a single fire alarm relay output that can release all door locks connected to that controller. Jumper links allow for individual selection of door locks to release on fire alarm activation, while other doors (not on escape routes) can be selected to remain secure. For additional flexibility, a second input and bank of jumpers can be used to:

  • Drop power to a different group of locks.
  • Remotely cycle power to readers and controllers for maintenance or firmware upgrades.

Product Specifications

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