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26 August 2021

Spotlight On: i2 Security

Integrator Spotlight on i2 Security Ltd

Our Spotlight this month is on i2 Security Ltd, a long-standing Smart R Distribution customer which has established an enviable reputation throughout the UK and mainland Europe for designing, installing and maintaining integrated IP-based access control and CCTV systems.

The projects which i2 Security have been involved in range from providing simple stand-alone electronic security systems for small shops and offices, through to complex remotely monitored solutions for aviation, education, healthcare, local authority and leisure sector end-user clients, such as The National Trust.

i2 Security is one of a select number of UK system integrators who are certified to install and support the Vanderbilt SMS Enterprise and Vanderbilt lite blue ® / bright blue ® web browser based access control systems, for which Smart R is the exclusive distributor for the UK and Europe.

Since 2012 the Oxford and Kent offices of i2 Security have worked with Smart R to support some very large and well established SMS systems.  Smart R card specialists have also supported the i2 Security team to supply cards and readers from a variety of other access control systems which they had not been able to procure from elsewhere.

Terry Giles, Director i2 Security, is a particular fan of the Vanderbilt’s cloud-based solutions which his company sources from Smart R and has successfully installed at many of its clients’ sites.  

Benefits of The Cloud

“Our clients place great value on being able to remotely access their Vanderbilt ACT365 system via the Cloud, as it allows authorised personnel to monitor activity, receive alarm events and make changes, e.g., add, modify or remove an employee’s access rights, without having to be on the premises. They can also integrate video surveillance cameras into the system in order to be able to visually verify any events.

“All of this can all be carried out from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or laptop, perhaps when they are working from home. The ability to do so has been very important during lockdown, but the client also greatly appreciates that in the event of a fire, they can also use a mobile device for muster reporting purposes.

“At i2 Security, it makes perfect sense to promote cloud-based security solutions. With our clients’ permission, we can remotely diagnose and in most cases, correct any faults, without having to send one of our engineers perhaps hundreds of miles to a site. Apart from saving time and money in doing this, it also means that any disruption to a client’s business is minimised. In addition, the client does not have to incur the cost of purchasing an onsite server. With Smart R’s help, we are able therefore to offer potential clients an ‘affordable’, as well as a highly effective access control solution”.

i2 Security is one of numerous highly professional system integrators which Smart R supports to ‘put the right pieces together’ when they propose to provide their end-user clients with a cloud-based or traditional server based access control solution.

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