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Our CCTV team is able to provide you with advanced video surveillance system design advice and support, on our comprehensive range of hand-picked CCTV products, which we source from well-known and trusted global brands. Collectively, these products, some of which are exclusively available through Smart R Distribution, offer a solution for virtually any video surveillance project, regardless of size, complexity or budget.

If you are an installer or system integrator, our highly trained pre and post-sales team are just one phone call away if you are looking for objective, professional advice on how to ‘put the right pieces together’ for your next video surveillance project.



Are you looking to generate new business by offering video surveillance solutions and security cameras for small businesses, shops, offices and homes? If so, our wireless CCTV kits are ready to be used out-of-the-box. With the ability to capture and transmit images over wireless networks, they can be quickly installed without any disruption. There is no need for any long cable runs as the cameras connect to the network via wi-fi.

Give us a call if you can’t find what you are looking for – we are always keen to help you find your perfect CCTV kit.

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Analogue cameras

They may have been around for ages, but analogue CCTV cameras continue to be the preferred choice of many installers who may not perhaps have the necessary in-house skills to design, install or commission a Video over IP system. Many installers also believe that a ‘closed circuit’ solution is less likely to be hacked.

Existing analogue CCTV systems can be expanded and enhanced with the addition of AHD analogue cameras which are able to capture and transmit Full HD images and audio without any latency, at distances up to 500m using standard coax cable.

Take a peek at our extensive range of analogue cameras and remember we are just one phone call away when you need expert advice.


analogue recorders

Do you need to expand or upgrade an existing CCTV system? The latest generation of analogue video recorders will provide you with a cost-effective solution.

Have a look at our hybrid XVR recorders, (also known as Pentabrid recorders), which facilitate the recording of images captured by a mix of analogue and IP cameras. This means that an existing analogue CCTV system can be significantly upgraded, with users able to benefit from the recording of images which have a resolution of up to 4K, as well as take advantage of AI functionality.


IP cameras

For many, to go IP or not go IP, is no longer the question for most installers as IP network-based video surveillance solutions offer users significant advantages over traditional CCTV systems. These include the ability to benefit from the latest generation of multi-megapixel and ultra-high definition cameras.

Take a look at our comprehensive range of IP cameras, many of which offer Intelligent Video Analytics and Deep Learning AI, to help end-users become more efficient and keep one step ahead of criminals.

Call us if you feel spoilt for choice and would like help to find the perfect IP camera, we will be pleased to help.


nVR AND DVR recorders

From anywhere in the world, IP network recorders also known as NVR and DVR (network video recorder and digital video recorder), allow users to view live images from their multi-megapixel and ultra-high definition security camera systems, as well as quickly retrieve recorded video of any incidents or suspicious activity. They offer a high level of resilience, as the captured images are recorded and stored at any location on the network, with the option to view them via a PC or smart device.

By replacing a recorder with one of the latest models, you can significantly add value to a video surveillance system by adding AI video analytics and other applications, without having to change any of the cameras.


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