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So, you might have chosen the ideal cameras and recording devices for your application, but how are you going to get the captured video to wherever it is to be monitored? This is where CCTV Transmission & Networking comes into play.

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) transmission and networking are essential components of a CCTV system that enable the transmission, distribution, and management of video signals from surveillance cameras to monitoring stations or recording devices (such as NVR’s and DVR’s). There are essentially two types of video transmission that are used within video surveillance systems, Wired Transmission and Wireless Transmission.

Traditional CCTV systems use wired transmission methods, such as coaxial cables or Ethernet cables, to carry video signals from cameras to recording devices or monitoring stations. Coaxial cables are commonly used for analogue CCTV systems, while Ethernet cables (such as CAT5e or CAT6) are used for IP-based CCTV systems. Wireless transmission has become increasingly popular in recent years, as this allows for flexible deployment of CCTV cameras without the need for extensive wiring. Wireless CCTV systems utilise technologies like Wi-Fi or radio frequencies to transmit video signals from cameras to receivers or network devices.

Whether utilising wired or wireless transmission methods and integrating with LANs, WANs, or IP networks, Smart R Distribution can help you to ensure reliable video transmission, seamless management, and convenient access to CCTV footage for monitoring and security purposes.

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Network, transmission, & Power

Smart R’s ability to help you ‘put the right pieces together’ for your next video surveillance project includes being able to offer expert advice on the products and technologies which will enable you to transmit video, audio and data via coaxial cable, twisted pair or CAT5, CAT5e, and CAT6.

We can provide advice on the use of cameras and video recorders which support Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. This will save you time and money by removing the need to install separate transmission and power cables for each device, as PoE negates the need to provide a power supply at each location.

We will also guide you through a comprehensive range of single and multi-channel ethernet and power transmission equipment that collectively offers a solution for virtually any analogue, AHD analogue or IP network application.

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CCTV displays, controllers, & software

From 10” TFT LCD colour monitors for users who have limited space, through to high performance 55” 4K monitors which display a wide field of view and enable control operators to observe close up detail of any activity, Smart R is able to help by supplying monitors from leading brands.

For system integrators who wish to assist their retail end-user clients to deter fraudsters and shoplifters, Smart R also offer a range of Public View Monitors (PVMs), designed to be located at store entrances, shopping aisles, till points or self-checkout pay points. In addition to making would be thieves aware they are on camera, the PVMs provide the opportunity to display a slide show which can include supplier adverts, own-brand product promotions and special offers.

Video Management Software (VMS) – Our pre-sales video surveillance experts are able to provide guidance on the wide range of VMS software available, from leading manufacturers. We can also supply keyboards that have been specifically designed to ensure operators can efficiently and intuitively have complete control of the video surveillance system.

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cable & accessories

Reach out and we will be there. There is no need to look any further to fulfil your requirements for coaxial cable, twisted pair or CAT5/6 cables.

We also offer a range of power over ethernet (POE) and power over coaxial (POC) Ethernet Extender devices which provide the flexibility to upgrade and/or expand an existing analogue based CCTV system over existing coax, e.g. by adding multiple new IP cameras to take advantage of Deep Learning AI or intelligent video analytics, as well as the cameras’ ability to capture high definition images. They can also be used to provide a data only connection for a myriad of other network devices.

It is worth noting that a 4-channel POC Ethernet Extender can enable the transmission of video and power to 4 cameras over a single cable, which makes it highly cost-effective to expand and upgrade a system without having to install new network cabling.

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