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Farpointe Ranger Long-Range UHF Transmitters

Farpointe Ranger Long-Range UHF Transmitters

Multi-Technology - Combines both long range and presentation (proximity and/or contactless smartcard) operation
Wiegand Output - Compatible with all standard access systems

Durable - A robust weatherized design features hard plastic buttons, a reliable lithium battery and potted modules

Encrypted Transmission - Best-in-class security guards against code grabbing and scanning
Wireless Radio Transmitters and Long Range Receivers with an integrated receive antenna comprise Farpointe Data’s high frequency, long-range identification solution known as Ranger. Intended for security access control applications, Ranger’s wireless communications are based upon a secure, digital, anti-playback routine.

Ranger Transmitters are available in either a two or four-button configuration (four-button version shown), with each corresponding to its own Wiegand output on the Ranger Receiver. Each Transmitter includes an integrated red LED, used to indicate both positive button press and battery strength.

They are also equipped standard with a potted proximity or contactless smartcard module allowing the Transmitter to also be used as a close-range, presentation-style access credential. Transmitters ship standard with a proximity module compatible with Pyramid Series Proximity® readers. They can be ordered custom with a proximity module compatible with either HID’s or AWID’s standard 125-kHz proximity readers, or a contactless smartcard module (Mifare® 1K or 4K) compatible with Delta® Multi-Technology Contactless Smartcard Readers.
Advanced Technology
- Choice of 2 Button and 4 button transmitters
- Button press: 433-MHz operation features up to 150 feet (46m) of read range
- Presentation: 125-kHz proximity and/or 13.56-MHz contactless smartcard provides up to 2 inches (51mm) of read range.
- Identical Wiegand data outputted upon button press or presentation
- Transmitter times-out when button is held down continuously preventing battery drain and potential interference with other transmitters.
- Rolling code combined with sophisticated encryption provide best-in-class security
- Supports MAXSecure®
Easy Installation
- To enroll, simply double click the Transmitter when in range of the Receiver - no DIP switches required
- Compact design allows the Transmitters to be carried on a key chain, worn on a lanyard, or adhered to a flat surface
- May be fixed to a vehicle’s dashboard with Velcro for convenient gate access
Additional Features
- Recessed private label area identical to area on Pyramid and Delta readers; use same labels for readers and transmitters
- Two-piece unit makes it simple to replace the battery and snap it back together.

Item Qty To Buy List Price
WRT-2M Ranger Mini Transmitter, 2-Button, No Proximity / Smartcard Module £19.50
WRT-2+P/H/A 2 Button Ranger Transmitter, with proximity insert. Please specify P - Pyramid proximity, H - HID or A- AWID Proximity insert £27.50
WRT-2+S1 Ranger Transmitter, 2-Button, With Delta Compatibility (MIFARE 1K) £31.40
WRT-2+S4 Ranger Transmitter, 2-Button, With Delta Compatibility (MIFARE 4K) £33.50
WRT-4+B Ranger Transmitter, 4-Button, No Proximity / Smartcard Module £23.50
WRT-4+P/H/A 4 Button Ranger Transmitter, with proximity insert. Please specify P - Pyramid proximity, H - HID or A- AWID Proximity insert £28.50
WRT-4+S1 Ranger Transmitter, 4-Button, With Delta Compatibility (MIFARE 1K) £32.40
WRT-4+S4 Ranger Transmitter, 4-Button, With Delta Compatibility (MIFARE 4K) £34.35

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