7 March 2023

Game Changing Dahua TiOC 2 Active Deterrence Cameras

As an independent distributor, Smart R takes pride in being able to use the extensive experience of its pre-sales and technical teams to offer our customers device-agnostic advice on the best combination of products needed to fulfil the security requirements of their end-user clients.

Every now and then, however, some new products are launched which are so outstanding that we feel compelled to champion them. In this respect, we are always on the lookout for new solutions which ingeniously use the latest advances in technology to help installers generate new business and assist end-users to keep one step ahead of criminals. Without doubt, Dahua game changing TIOC 2 Active Deterrence cameras do just this.

Intruder Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

CCTV has been a powerful tool in the fight against crime for over 50 years and its value is unquestioned. The development of affordable high definition cameras enables security personnel to capture close up detail of any incident in order to gather evidence and potentially identify the culprit.

However, although some burglars might be deterred from breaking into a property or site if they can see there are surveillance cameras installed, there are sadly a great number of thieves who are not so easily put off, as they do not believe the police are likely to respond quickly enough to catch them in the act.

For homeowners and businesses, the consequences of a break-in can go far beyond the immediate financial cost. The psychological impact or the disruption of day-to-day business activity should not be underestimated and even if an insurance claim can be made, there is likely to be an excess to be paid, which might be increased when policies are renewed. End-users will also have the unpleasant task of clearing up the mess of a break-in.

Conventional Deterrence Solution

In addition to cameras and recording devices, CCTV solutions are often made up of additional components such as PIR activated security lighting and Intruder detection systems with blue or red strobe lighting, as well as an alarm siren to deter offenders from entering the building or space being protected. Apart from the hassle of having to separately procure all these components, installers will also need to use up valuable time installing them and to ensure they will reliably interact with each other.

Dahua TIOC 2 Active Deterrence Cameras

With its ‘three-in-one’ TiOC 2 cameras, we believe Dahua has taken a giant step forward by combining all these technologies into one product, enabling them to be easily programmed to perform the required level of functionality. The cameras are also equipped with AI to accurately detect people and vehicles and two-way audio which enables standard or customised audio messages to be automatically broadcast when a break-in is detected.

Eliminating False Alarms Through Advanced AI

The AI video analytics built into the cameras ignores video noise, waving trees, moving clouds and animals because it has not been trained to look out for them. As such, common causes of false alarms normally associated with traditional motion detection technology or sensors which are being used to detect activity, can be eliminated, saving time and money, whilst allowing security personnel to respond quickly to suspicious activity or emergency.

The TIOC 2 cameras feature the following:

  • Intrusion and tripwire detection
  • Classification and accurate detection of vehicles and humans
  • Abnormality detection e.g. motion, privacy masking, scene changing, audio detection, no SD card, SD card full, SD card error and network disconnection
  • Built-in warm light for full colour images at night up to 40m
  • IR LED illumination distance up to 50m
  • Red and blue flashing lights or activation of white light
  • Sound Alarm – siren and/or pre-recorded or custom recorded challenge messages
  • 2 way audio for real-time challenge/communication through built-in speakers and microphone

With prevention definitely being better than cure, Smart R is delighted to be able to supply and support this cost-effective video surveillance and intruder detection solution which Dahua has packed full with innovative technology.

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