Acre WSIR-INT – Two-Way Wireless Internal Sounder

The Acre WSIR-INT Two-Way Wireless Internal Sounder combines exceptional performance with a user-friendly design. This feature-rich solution empowers security professionals to create robust and comprehensive security systems.

Key Features:

  • Two-way communication for real-time status updates
  • Powerful 100dB siren and bright LED beacon for effective deterrence
  • Independent control of audible and visual outputs for customisation
  • EN Grade 2 approved for reliable performance
  • Selectable volume levels for optimal sound output
  • Easy installation, long battery life, and tamper protection

Full Description

Strengthen Your Security with the Acre WSIR-INT – Two-Way Wireless Internal Sounder

The Acre WSIR-INT is a premium two-way wireless internal sounder designed to deliver exceptional deterrence and visual alerts within your SPC security system. This sleek and stylish solution features independent control of audible and visual outputs, offering customisable alarm activation for a comprehensive security experience.

Key Features:

  • Two-Way Communication: Provides real-time status updates to the SPC panel for enhanced system monitoring.
  • Dual Deterrence: Features a powerful 100dB siren and a bright LED beacon for effective audio-visual alerts during an alarm event.
  • Independent Control: The SPC panel allows independent control of the siren and beacon for tailored operation based on your security needs.
  • EN Grade 2 Approved: Meets industry standards for reliable performance and robust security.
  • Selectable Volume: Choose from four volume levels to optimise the siren’s sound output for the specific installation environment.
  • Easy Installation: Slim and stylish design with simple mounting and pairing processes minimises installation time.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 5 years of operation with high-performance lithium batteries and Automatic Power Saving technology.
  • Wall Tamper Protection: Built-in safeguards prevent unauthorised removal or tampering attempts.
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Benefits for Security Professionals

  • Enhanced Security: Two-way communication and powerful deterrence methods strengthen overall system effectiveness.
  • Customizable Operation: Independent control of audible and visual outputs allows for flexible system configuration.
  • Simplified Installation: Easy mounting, pairing, and configuration.
  • Long-Term Reliability: Advanced features like EN Grade 2 approval and long battery life ensure dependable performance.

Ideal Applications

The Acre WSIR-INT Two-Way Wireless Internal Sounder is a valuable addition to various security applications, including:

  • Residential Security Systems: Fortify home security with a powerful internal sounder that effectively deters intruders and notifies occupants during alarms.
  • Commercial Buildings: Enhance security in offices, retail stores, and warehouses with a clear visual and audible deterrent.
  • Outbuildings and Garages: Provide an additional layer of security for detached structures on your property with a reliable internal sounder.

Product Specifications

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 93 × 93 × 31 mm




Grading and Compliance

Grade 2

Device Type


Power Requirement

2 x AA Battery

Protection Rating

IK04, IP41

Connection type



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