Acre WKP-SIM – Wireless Keypad For SPC Intrusion Systems

The Acre WKP-SIM Wireless Keypad offers a perfect blend of style, functionality, and enhanced security. This user-friendly solution empowers homeowners to take control of their SPC system with ease, providing peace of mind and convenient security management. The Keypad comes with 2 fobs.

Key Features:

  • Modern and Stylish Design: The Acre WKP-SIM complements any décor with its slim and stylish profile.
  • Simplified Arming and Disarming: Quick-set options allow for effortless system activation and deactivation.
  • Multi-Coloured LED Indications: Clear visual confirmation of system status through intuitive LED indicators.
  • Enhanced Security: EN Grade 2 approved, ensuring reliable performance and robust security.
  • Panic Alarm Options: Dedicated buttons provide immediate access to fire, medical, and attack panic alarms in emergency situations.
  • Easy Installation and Pairing: Quick and hassle-free setup process reduces installation time.
  • Long Battery Life: Low-current RF technology and automatic power saving features ensure extended battery life with high-performance lithium batteries.
  • Dedicated Set/Unset Fobs: Supplied fobs offer convenient one-touch arming and disarming for added convenience (restricted for use with this keypad only).

Full Description

Take Control with The Acre Wireless Keypad For SPC Intrusion Systems

The Acre WKP-SIM is a premium wireless keypad designed to seamlessly integrate with your SPC intrusion system. This stylish and user-friendly solution offers convenient control over your security system, all wrapped in a sleek and modern design.

Key Features of the Acre WKP-SIM:

  • Stylish Design: Slim and modern aesthetics complement any décor, blending seamlessly into your home environment.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Easy to mount, pair, and configure, reducing installation time and effort.
  • Enhanced Communication: Low-current RF technology ensures reliable communication and long battery life.
  • Multi-Coloured LED Indications: Clear visual confirmation of system status through intuitive LED indicators.
  • EN Grade 2 Approved: Meets industry standards for robust performance and dependable security.
  • Easy Set/Unset Fobs: Supplied fobs provide convenient system arming and disarming.
  • Quick Set Options: Simplified arming and disarming options for added convenience.
  • Panic Alarm Options: Selection of quick-select panic alarms for immediate emergency response.
  • Supervision: Monitors the keypad’s health and reports any issues to the control panel.
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Benefits for Users

  • Enhanced Security Control: Effortlessly manage your security system with a user-friendly keypad.
  • Quick and Easy Operation: Simplified arming, disarming, and panic functions for intuitive use.
  • Visual Status Confirmation: Multi-coloured LED indicators provide clear system state awareness.
  • Stylish Design: Modern aesthetics complement your home décor.
  • Peace of Mind: EN Grade 2 approval ensures reliable performance for dependable security.

Ideal Applications

The Acre WKP-SIM Wireless Keypad is a valuable addition to any home security system with an SPC control panel. Its user-friendly design and stylish aesthetics make it perfect for:

  • Residential Security Systems: Upgrade your security system’s control with a convenient and stylish keypad.
  • Multi-User Homes: Provide easy access control for multiple users with individual fobs.

Product Specifications

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 148 × 85 × 20 mm




Device Type


Connection type


Grading and Compliance

Grade 2

Power Requirement

2 x AA Battery

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 55°C


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