Dual Standard Maglock – Up To 1200lb (545Kg) Holding Force x 2

Dual version of our SR1-MAG-1200 Standard Maglock

A surface-mounted “face to face” dual electromagnetic lock offering up to 2 x 545 Kg (2 x 1200 Pounds) holding force. This lock is intended for internal double out-swing doors. Installation on in-swing doors, glass doors and narrow-style frames will require additional brackets.

Available in the following versions (please select when ordering):

Standard Version – no outputs

Door-Status Output – features a door-status sensor for applications requiring a door-status signal

Door-Status & Monitor Output – for applications requiring monitoring of the armature plate in contact with the maglock and also a door-status signal

Product Specifications

Weight 9500 g
Dimensions 532 × 73 × 40 mm
Maglock Options

Standard Unmonitored, With Door Status Sensor, With Monitor Output and Door Status Sensor

Connection type

Terminal connection


Aluminium Alloy

Holding Force

1200 Lbs x 2


Surface Mount

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 55°C

Power Requirement

12-24 VDC




Smart R Distribution


Standard Version, Door Status Version, Monitored and Door Status Version

SKU SR1-MAG-12002, SR1-MAG-12002DM, SR1-MAG-12002D

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