RGL DU-Series: Dual Unit Emergency Exit Button And Door Release

The RGL DU-Series of Dual Unit Emergency Exit Button And Door Release provide a practical and versatile solution for emergency exit requirements. With two distinct button styles (stainless steel and green) and a comprehensive feature set, the RGL DU-Series caters to various aesthetic and functionality needs. This dependable system promotes both convenient everyday egress and safe emergency response, making it a valuable addition to access control systems in different environments.

Key Features:

Door Release Button:

  • Stainless Steel or Green Mushroom Button: Offers a sleek and durable design. *Please select when ordering
  • Momentary Operation: Provides a quick and easy exit function, even without breaking the glass.
  • High-Impact Plastic Back Box: Ensures durability and a clean aesthetic.
  • Double Pole Contact (N/O-N/C): Offers versatility for integration with different access control systems (30VAC/DC).
  • Designed for over 1 Million Operations: Guarantees long-lasting performance.
  • Wear-Resistant Legend: Maintains clear button identification over time.
  • Security Screws (Allen Key Type): Deters tampering and unauthorised access.

Emergency Door Release (EDR):

  • Triple Pole: Provides flexible connection options.
  • Audible/LED Selection: Choose between an audible buzzer or LED indicator for exit activation feedback.
  • 12/24V Operation: Compatible with different power supply setups.
  • Plastic Front Stopper: Flip-up design simplifies emergency exit activation and protects against accidental activation.
  • Contact Ratings 24v @ 5amp: Matches industry standards for consistent performance.

Full Description

Choose Between Sleek Stainless Steel or High-Visibility Green: RGL DU-SS/PTE and RGL DU-GB/PTE

The RGL DU-Series of Dual Unit Emergency Exit Button And Door Release offers a range of versatile dual unit emergency exit button solutions, catering to various aesthetic and functionality preferences. Both the RGL-DU-SS/PTE and RGL-DU-GB/PTE models combine a user-friendly press-to-exit button with a built-in emergency break glass unit, providing a comprehensive emergency egress system.

Model Options:

  • RGL DU-SS/PTE: Features a sleek stainless steel press-to-exit button for a modern and stylish look.
  • RGL DU-GB/PTE: Emphasises visibility with a large, high-impact green plastic press-to-exit mushroom button.

Key Features (Both Models):

  • Press-to-Exit Button:
    • Momentary operation for quick and easy exit activation.
    • High-impact plastic back box for durability.
    • Double pole contact (N/O-N/C) for compatibility with various access control systems (30VAC/DC).
    • Designed for over 1 million operations, ensuring long-lasting performance.
    • Wear-resistant legend for clear button identification.
    • Security screws for tamper deterrence.
  • Emergency Door Release (EDR):
    • Triple pole design for flexible connection options.
    • Selectable audible buzzer or LED indicator for exit activation feedback (catering to accessibility needs).
    • 12/24V operation for compatibility with different power supply setups.
    • Plastic front covers with a flip-up design for easy emergency exit activation.
  • Additional Features:
    • All-in-one colour design for a clean aesthetic.
    • Easy-clean surface for simple maintenance.
    • Screw footprint for straightforward surface mounting on a standard back box.
    • Pre-wired design to save on installation time.
    • See Full Data Sheet

Benefits of RGL DU-SS/PTE and the RGL-DU-GB/PTE:

  • Clear Emergency Indication: The high-visibility green break glass element ensures swift identification in emergency situations.
  • Dual Activation Methods: Provides the option to activate the door release button for everyday use or break the glass in emergencies.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: The readily identifiable break glass unit caters to users who may require immediate egress.
  • Reliable Performance: Durable construction and a million-cycle button rating ensure long-lasting functionality.
  • Easy Clean Surface: Low-maintenance design simplifies cleaning and upkeep.
  • Simple Installation: Screw footprint allows for straightforward surface mounting on a standard back box.

Resettable Emergency Door Release

The main advantage of a resettable emergency door release is that it allows for easy resetting after being triggered, without needing to replace the entire unit. This is crucial for several reasons:

  • Cost-effective: Replacing a broken unit can be expensive, whereas resetting a break glass unit is much cheaper.
  • Reduced Downtime: A resettable unit allows the system to be quickly re-armed after an alarm, minimising downtime.
  • Prevents Accidental Triggering: Accidental breakage can happen during maintenance or cleaning. A resettable unit avoids unnecessary replacements in such cases.

These features make resettable emergency door release ideal for situations where accidental triggers are a possibility or where immediate system reactivation is important.

Ideal Applications of Dual Unit Emergency Exit Button And Door Release:

  • Commercial Buildings: Secure office entrances and emergency exits.
  • Public Buildings: Control access in schools, libraries, and government facilities while ensuring safe emergency egress.
  • Retail Stores: Facilitate customer exits and maintain emergency preparedness.
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Balance security needs with the requirement for accessible emergency exits.
  • Industrial Facilities: Maintain security in restricted areas while providing emergency exits.


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Product Specifications

Weight 380 g
Dimensions 190 × 90 × 42 mm



Plastic, Stainless Steel


3-pole contact

Protection Rating


Resettable or Non-Resettable


Power Requirement

12 VDC, 24 VDC


Surface Mount


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