Intratone 06-0131 Intrabox Data Eco GSM Single-Door Proximity Reader System

Standalone web/GSM-based single-door system with proximity reader.

Full Description

Standalone single-door system with proximity reader.? Configuration & management is made via Intratone’s web portal that links with your system via GSM – so no need for a dedicated programmer and updates can be made from anywhere in the World – so no need to visit the site to make changes to the system.

The 06-0131 kit comprises of the following modules:

  • 1 x 04-0106 flush-fit square proximity reader
  • 1 x 12-0110 relay card
  • 1 GSM transmission module
  • Unlimited GSM data and synchronisation for 10 years

All that you need to add is a power supply, an electric lock, wiring and some Intratone fobs.

The proximity reader is fitted at the door and the relay card is used for the wiring of the electric lock.? The transmission module is installed in a location where a GSM telephone signal can be received.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 357 × 185 × 72 mm


Power Requirement

12-24 VDC, 2A

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 70°C

Number of Users


Protection Rating


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