Intratone Hands-Free Key Fobs – Choice Of Colours

Select from our range of Intratone hands-free key fobs – these active MIFARE proximity tags can be used to open gates and doors without having to press a button. The tag is compatible with Intratone hands-free proximity readers and V4 intercoms, and can be used up to 1 metre away from the reader, making it an ideal solution for people with mobility issues.

Simply hold the tag in front of the reader and the door or gate will open automatically. The tags are also weatherproof, so can be used in all weather conditions.

Key Features:

  • Handsfree operation
  • Compatible with Intratone hands-free proximity readers and V4 intercoms
  • Operating range of up to 1 metre
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to use

Full Description

Intratone Hands-Free Key Fobs: convenience and security in access control systems

The Intratone Hands-Free Key Fobs utilise advanced MIFARE technology, enabling seamless remote door unlocking as you approach the Intratone door panel. These fobs not only guarantee hands-free entry but also provide conventional contactless access when presented to a reader panel. With a vast array of ten vibrant colours, you can personalise your security experience.

  • 08-0120 – Black
  • 08-0121 – Grey
  • 08-0122 – Blue
  • 08-0123 – Red
  • 08-0124 – Yellow
  • 08-0125 – Green
  • 08-0126 – Brown
  • 08-0127 – Orange
  • 08-0128 – Purple
  • 08-0120 – Ivory

Comprehensive Access Solutions

Intratone goes beyond the ordinary, offering diverse alternatives tailored to your specific needs. Experience effortless access with our Contactless MIFARE Fobs or elevate your control with Active Transmitter MIFARE Keyfobs, granting access with a simple button click.

Compatible with Intratone’s Hands-Free Proximity Reader and V4 Intercom, these key fobs redefine user interaction. Operating intuitively from up to 1 meter away, without the need to physically press the key fob against the reader, they are particularly ideal for elderly or less mobile tenants.

Safeguard Your Spaces

Intratone’s Hands-Free Key Fobs offer not just access but peace of mind. Tailored for professionals, they ensure that your properties are effortlessly secure, enhancing both convenience and accessibility.

Choose Intratone Hands-Free Key Fobs – where innovation meets accessibility, revolutionising the way you approach security.


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Product Specifications

Dimensions 64 × 41 × 7 mm



Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Red, Yellow, Brown, Ivory, Purple


13.56 MHz

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 70°C

Protection Rating


Power Requirement


Form Factor


Reader and Card Technology


SKU INT-08-0120, INT-08-0121, INT-08-0122, INT-08-0123, INT-08-0124, INT-08-0125, INT-08-0126, INT-08-0127, INT-08-0128, INT-08-0129

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