Javelin 61123201 KO Black Resin And Overlay Ribbon For Javelin DNA Series Printers

The Javelin 61123201 black resin & overlay ribbon is used for high-quality monochrome printing. It produces sharp, crisp text and images with the solid black resin panel, while the overlay panel adds a protective layer to increase card durability against scratching, fading, and everyday wear and tear.

Key Features:

  • 500 Black Monochrome Prints Per Roll: Each Javelin 61123201 ribbon provides up to 500 prints, making it a cost-effective solution for high-volume printing needs.
  • Black and Overlay Panels: Combines a black resin panel for sharp text and images with an overlay panel for added protection.
  • High-Quality Monochrome Printing: Ensures clear and precise printing, ideal for text, barcodes, and simple graphics.
  • Protective Overlay: The clear overlay panel extends the life of your cards by protecting them from everyday damage.

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Javelin DNA and DNA Pro

SKU 61123201

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