KS-2 Momentary Key Switch With Hooded Back Box

Enhance security and control with the robust and reliable RGL KS-2 Momentary Key Switch With Hooded Backbox. Featuring a hooded backbox for added protection, this switch is ideal for secure override applications in demanding environments.

  • Momentary on/off operation: Provides temporary activation for added security.
  • Key removal only in “on” position: Prevents accidental deactivation and tampering.
  • Keyed alike: Simplifies key management with multiple switches.
  • Supplied with 2 x keys: Ready for immediate use.
  • Voltage free contacts: Compatible with various control systems.
  • > 1 million operations: Ensures long-lasting durability.
  • IP54 ingress protection: Resists dust and water splashes for outdoor use.
  • Etched “ON” and “OFF” legends: Clear and intuitive operation.
  • Security screws: Deters unauthorized access and vandalism.
  • Hooded backbox: Offers extra protection against weather and physical damage.


Full Description

Enhance security and control with the robust and reliable KS-2 Momentary Key Switch

Engineered for robustness and reliability, the KS-2 Momentary Key Switch switch. Designed to excel in secure override applications within demanding environments, and includes a surface mounted back box that incorporates a rain hood.

The momentary on/off operation of the KS-2 ensures temporary activation, enhancing security where precision control is paramount. Key removal is exclusive to the “on” position, preventing accidental deactivation. Simplifying key management, the KS-2 keys are standardised, meaning that the same key will work in all KS-2 units, and come supplied with two keys, ready for immediate use.

Designed for compatibility with various control systems, the voltage-free contacts guarantee flexibility in integration. With over 1 million operations, this key switch assures long-lasting durability, making it a reliable choice for diverse applications. The IP54 protection rating ensures resilience, resisting dust and water splashes, making it suitable for outdoor use – for example, gate control.

The etched “ON” and “OFF” legends provide clear and intuitive operation, while security screws deter unauthorised access and vandalism. The hooded backbox, a distinctive feature of the KS-2, offers additional protection against adverse weather conditions and physical damage.

Ideal for secure override in machinery and equipment, emergency shut-off switches, access control in restricted areas, and industrial automation and process control, the KS-2 Momentary Key Switch With Hooded Back Box proves its versatility across various applications.

Certified to meet industry standards, the KS-2 Momentary Key Switch guarantees adherence to quality benchmarks. The hooded backbox’s benefits are evident in different application scenarios, particularly outdoor installations or environments with potential water exposure.

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Product Specifications

Weight 260 g
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 50 mm



Stainless Steel


Surface Mount

Protection Rating



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