Smart-R-Stream Wiegand-to-USB Interface

Smart-R-Stream??Wiegand-to-USB Interface
  • Keyboard Wedge Interface enables any standard Wiegand-output card reader to send its data in the form of keystrokes.
  • Integrate a Wiegand-output card reader with any computing platform that supports USB keyboard input.
  • No software or drivers required ? just a simple hardware solution powered directly from the USB port.
  • Ideal for connection to Computers, Terminals, Printers, Photocopiers, Multifunction Peripherals and PLCs.
Integrate any card reader using the Wiegand interface standard with any computing platform that supports USB Human Interface Device keyboard input.? Since no software is required to be deployed on the host device, no integration or programming is required.? The device can be configured to send just raw data or to add carriage return and linefeed characters to the data for compatability with applications requiring control characters e.g. spreadsheets, word processors, etc.
Have a working solution in minutes and get to market quickly with this straightforward and easy-to-integrate interface solution from Smart R Distribution.? Designed specifically for interfacing RFID proximity and magnetic-stripe card readers with a PC or other computing device, Smart-R-Stream? allows you to read card data with no programming required. Connect the cable to the card reader, plug Smart-R-Stream? into the USB port of your system and you are ready to go.
EASY INSTALLATION – Powered directly from the USB port of the host system.
COMPATIBILITY – Supports any system that accepts USB keyboard input (Human Interface Device).
5VDC power output (derived from host system) provided for the card reader.
Power Requirement: 5 VDC (derived from host system USB port)
Wiegand Data Length: Up to 256 bits including parity
Operating Temperature: -40?C to +85?C
Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 46mm x 20mm x 11mm (L x W x D)
Wiring Configuration: Green: Wiegand Data Input 0
White: Wiegand Data Input 1
Red: 5VDC Output
Black: 0VDC Output
Screen: Screen
Following significant interest Smart-R-Stream??is?now available from stock?for single piece evaluation orders.??We welcome trade enquiries for more information on this exciting product and volume pricing.
SKU SR3-INF-1000

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